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"ZEBRA SANE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"ZEBRA SANE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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There is no way I can truly tell  you what this is about.  Why she came.  Why you will be so happy she is yours.

But I'll try.

ZEBRA SANE is A CREATION GIFT.  She comes, as you enter the stepping stones into the fields of true oneness . . . to remind you that YOU ARE RARE.  As every zebra is exceedingly, perfectly, magically different from every other one - so, too, is your SACRED LIGHT just that unique.

As you enter ONENESS - it's not all done.  It's truly - then - only begun.  The Expansions deepen and expand, the truths and secrets ask more of you, and the journey becomes more precious and rare than you can yet know.

But the most compelling and important part of all begins here - right now - when you find yourself drawn to - CALLED TO - by this particular essence.  She is going to echo the knowing in your sacred heart that . . . YOU ARE DIFFERENT.  YOUR LIGHT Is going to take you to some very different expressions of it.  And, like THE ZEBRA, you are called upon to celebrate how different SACRED LIGHT can be.  Especially - your own.  Gifts, truths, ways of being in the realms of light - are ever expanding.  Being in that vortex forces you to let go of thinking you'll be like another - any other.

YOUR LIGHT came to hold a specific frequency - and to expand it.  ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT.  And only you can give that gift.  This Essence comes to remind you that THAT IS - after all - THE GIFT.  YOU BEING A DIFFERENT LIGHT than has ever come before.  So celebrate that.  And be sane within it.

You'll see.  This doesn't mean what you think.  ONENESS - holds no fear.  Think about that for a moment.  Just how different is your soul going to ask you to be once you get there, into ONENESS?  Ohhhhh, just wait until you see.  And bring This Sacred Essence with you for the journey - so that you cherish every special drop of LIGHT that you are here to become.  So that you celebrate it.  And remain sane. :-  )




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