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This essence hardly means what you might think.  It came forth to honor - actually :- ) - the SOVEREIGN LIGHT OF YOUR ESSENCE.  The light at the center of your being is the purest and truest part of you.  It is always there, always with you, and can never be harmed or destroyed.  It is also where your highest and truest wisdom lives.  It is the inner compass and field of both light and knowledge . . . within which you are here to live your highest and most joyful life.

But we don't.  And the reason for that is fear.  The mind.  Every aspect of your human life that is a lower vibration than YOUR AWAKENED LIGHT.  But it is always there, leading and guiding forever - even if being ignored - until your very last breath.

BUT YOU, as the conscious self who is choosing the moments of your life each day . . . ARE actually ACCOUNTABLE.  TO THAT LIGHT.  To the original spark of you - the truest light of you.  YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE to that light for any differential in frequency you yourself create - through fear, through duality, through less than pure alignment within yourself.

What this means is . . . no one else is in control.   No one else has responsibility.  ONLY YOU.  This is your sacred gift - the light that lives at the center of your being.  And how you live THAT LIGHT . . . is wholly your choice.  And you are accountable to THAT CENTER SPARK OF LIGHT . . . for those choices.

Why?  Because you come into this world with a precious, pure and rare gift.  One designed to guide you, provide all you need, and illuminate your way to creating your MOST PRECIOUS and TRUEST LIFE - the highest expression of that light.  If you do not, then you have only to answer TO THAT LIGHT.  TO THE TRUEST PART OF YOU. 

When we realize this, when we truly know what this means, we want to skedaddle into our truest alignment.  WE want to open our hearts, expand our minds, and rearrange our lives in rapid order so that OUR LIGHT is the one ON THE SEAT OF OUR SOUL.  We want our every choice - decision - feeling - and thought . . . to come from that space.  Clearly - truly - undeniably.  We want to open our awareness so wide and so deep and so high that we don't miss a single opportunity in the day to EXPRESS THAT GIFT of THAT LIGHT in ITS HIGHEST WAY.

YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE is not about judgment.  It's about RECOGNIZING the power coursing through every moment of your day.  Every choice you make is about LIGHT.  Every thought you hold is an opportunity to define who you truly are.  Every action you take is a moment where you choose just how true you wish to be.


It's like holding a magical key - one that unlocks all the power and beauty and joy of the universe - and forgetting we have it.  YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE comes to remind you . . . YOU HOLD THE KEY.


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