Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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What Magic Awaits
When we take off our shoes,
Remove our human viewpoints,
And open our hearts to a whole new way of seeing?


I wonder how it knew.  KNEW that I would catch the subtle shimmer.  KNEW that I would hear the silent call.  KNEW that I would see the invisible yearning.  How . . . did this happen?

THIS ESSENCE, "WOODLAND MAGIC" . . . really caught me by surprise.  But the signs were there - earlier.  I think of myself as being amazingly GOOD at catching THE SIGNS  of LIGHT in the world around me.  I don't just pay attention - I LIVE IN THAT REALM.  What to others seems subtle - to me, well, it's more like A GONG going off.  The call sounds - I follow - the rest is a magical, powerful dance of light.

And that is - pretty much - MY LIFE.

This essence chose a really ordinary way to communicate its presence.  One I didn't even register at first - and that is rare, indeed, for me.  A very special soul had requested two of our essences, and when the order came in, I noticed her address included the word WOODLAND.  Isn't that sweet, I thought.  Immersed as I am in the forests and fairies and magic and light - the woods are, indeed, my deepest home.

But, I thought nothing of it.  Not really.  And I didn't quite FEEL A VOICE calling out to me, to say, come . . . it's time, I'm birthing.  Why?  Who knows.  Perhaps because I was in the throes of creating about 100 new essences as it was, lol!  Then came some very special magic.  And before I tell you about that, let me tell you why I am even sharing how this essence came about.  BECAUSE IT PROVES that the deeper we listen, the brighter the magic shines.  Even for those of us that feel WE DO LISTEN to every little shimmer or breath of spirit.

I happened to be in my ETSY account not long after, and I noticed I had something sitting in my cart.  I had not been to ETSY in a while - or so I thought - and wondered what was there.  Lo and behold, I had 5 skeins of wool in my cart, placed there when I had come home from trying to find more of some wool I was using for some special TREE :- ) FAIRIES.  I had placed them in my cart and promptly forgot about them.  But guess what I ALSO NOTICED?  Though it had been in my cart for two weeks, I don't think I had ever noticed the name of the shop I had hoped to get the wool from.  But guess what it was?  THE NAME OF THE SHOPPE included the word "WOODLANDS"!

Ok, now I was paying deeper attention.  Within a few hours, "WOODLANDS" had appeared twice in very special ways - even though it was obviously there weeks earlier and I did not seem to notice.  Long story short, the wool itself turned out to be all gone and the listing never updated - so the purpose for me searching for the wool was not to get it - but for THE SHIMMER OF THE WOODLANDS in the name to catch my eye.  And catch it did!

That's when I knew . . . WOODLANDS was coming to be.  AND COME IT DID!  Wow, in a flurry and flutter, it cleared my schedule, cleared my sacred table space - AND TOOK OVER!  And I do mean that quite literally - it took over my space.  Moving things to the side, and around, and up - it was like a storm passed through - A GOOD STORM!

And then it was there - newly birthed - and happy to be taking form in the vortex of wonder and excitement that is one of my potions.  Sometimes I cry (I'm big enough and not afraid one bit to admit that :- )). . . at the light and the energy and the tender yet potent beauty I see and feel as these creations birth.  And cry I did.  Why?  Because they are so touching.  Their energy is like the combination of A NEWBORN, combined with some ancient, huge powerful essence.  It's a dichotomy that is at once humbling - and deeply breathtaking.

WOODLANDS did not just birth herself - WOODLAND MAGIC.  She birthed 2 others as well, coming as a special TRINITY of light for this world.  Perhaps, even, for you.

"WOODLAND MAGIC" is the signature, first essence in that series.  And she is almost ready to reach out into the world.  She has already made her way TO THE VERY FIRST SOUL - a chosen Being whose grace and magic was felt here in  my studio, and called forth the ESSENCE OF WOODLAND MAGIC to be born.  What power that woman must have . . . !  And yet, I doubt she even knows it.

Enter WOODLAND MAGIC - here to awaken your own inner Light and soulful power in a way that will AMAZE you and INSPIRE you.  Something's there.  It's waiting.  Waiting . . . in the woodlands.  If you're ready to take the journey, "WOODLAND MAGIC" is a magical creation made just for you.  And she is here to gift you something special - TRUE CHANGE.  A new and truer life awaits.  Are you ready?


"Woodland Magic"
Will be shipping to the world
Beyond her just completed VIRGIN JOURNEY
As a gift to the first heart that inspired her creation
On 12/21/2016.
She can be yours!
Click above and welcome her into your life.
If you're ready.  If it's time.  If you choose now to live
All the magic you ever hoped was real and true in the world.
You just have to know where to look!


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