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Well.  This came about in a very unusual way.  And it means something more than you might at first think.

I was creating a seven-day essence near THE EQUINOX and A LUNAR ECLIPSE and MY BIRTHDAY - potent times, these.  And that essence was it said to me, about this:  WISHES AND DREAMS COME TRUE.

Now, this meant something different than I knew.  But I wondered what was behind the name.  Come to find out, it carries this energy:  EVERY THING THAT APPEARS . . . is coming into presence now as part of YOUR WISHES AND DREAMS COMING TRUE. EVERYTHING????  Yes - indeed - everything.

We don't see that way or think that way, usually.   But in fact, this is a very potent and powerful essence born from within THE VERY HEART OF ONENESS.  The space where there is ONLY LIGHT.

This is not about making the best of a bad situation.  This is about seeing with the sacred eyes of the soul, so that when things appear in your life or your body . . .  you see them as they truly are.  SOME MOVEMENT OF LIGHT come to in fact help bring forward more of what you have WISHED & DREAMED.

You may think that is hard to swallow.  But I'm here to tell you, it's quite the opposite.  If you step into the vibrations this ESSENCE holds, you suddenly unfurl wings you didn't know were there . . . and you SOAR.  Quite literally - SOAR - to such a high vantage point that you truly do see . . . YOUR WISHES & DREAMS coming true in this moment and the next.  Through every single unfolding . . . even those you were quite certain before were NOT part of the perfect part of you or your life.

Let them in.  They belong.  They are bringing you a very special, hidden gift.  You actually can see that whatever is called forth IS going to somehow be used - in magical and sacred and perhaps ever unseen ways . . . TO BRING YOUR WISHES AND DREAMS into form.  COME TRUE.

Oh this is powerful.  And then some.

If you're ready to truly INVOKE your truest life, lived in accordance with your truest Being . . . this will envelop you in that very pathway of light.



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