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"Why Knowing Your Animal's Soul Purpose . . . Is The Key" - A CHARMED CLASS

"Why Knowing Your Animal's Soul Purpose . . . Is The Key" - A CHARMED CLASS

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The single, one thing you can do that will make the biggest difference in your companion animal's happiness and well-being . . . as well as your own . . . is this:


Once you understand why they are here and how they see their purpose in this lifetime - for themselves and with you - you then hold the key.  Behavior and health issues are almost always - at their core - tied to some disconnect between you, them, and their soul purpose.

It's not hard to mistake OUR OWN TRUTHS for theirs.  It's easier still to think we know what is right, what is best, what suits them and our family.  We are often - so wrong.

This class is a gift - and by that I mean, what you walk away with will be forever more with you.  It can guide your own life, that of your life with your companion animals, and help you to realize this:  GROUND ZERO - the starting point - for truly providing real love and care for, not to mention honor and support of, those animals who bless our lives - lies in knowing THEIR SOUL PURPOSE.

Otherwise, it is terribly easy to assume a one size fits all - one rule fits all - or even expert wisdom fits all.  That simply is not the case.  Each animal has a unique soul plan.  Their purpose is what guides their life - and makes the rule of what is best for them - and what is not.  So often, what they truly need - is not what we would in a million years guess.

But, when we SEE and KNOW them for who they truly are - by understanding their soul purpose here, and with us - then we understand what they need, and why.  We also then understand why what we thought was good for them is not.  We're NOT in charge of our animals.  THEY ARE.  THEIR SOUL is the highest authority.

In order for them to truly thrive, they ask us to get to know their spiritual self.  Why?  Because only then can we do the work of being good and true guardians, honoring them and their needs and desires while they are with us.  Our animals are a blessing.  We owe them our best effort, and purest intention, in understanding why they have come and why they are with us specifically.

It can change your life.  Are you ready?

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