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Does it seem as if . . .

The Bottom Has Just Fallen Out Of Your Life?


The foundations of our life

Are held in place by our beliefs.

Our hopes and dreams weave those strands together,

And our everyday principles of life fill in the lines.


Yet, there are times which come unbidden and unseen,

Times which remake the very fabric of our lives.

The Landscape of what WAS . . . is rocked.

What we thought was true or real,

Alive and well or fantasy,

Changes places.


And our lives

Are never EVER the same.


WHEN THE BOTTOM FALLS OUT . . . is epic.  It is something which hits the very fabric of your life like A METEOR.  It tears away everything in its wake, and what remains is wholly unmade.

It can be scary.  It can be wholly upending.  And it will come to each of us, at least once, often many times . . . into our earthly, human lives.

But here is the thing.  THAT which has the power TO UNMAKE US - and OUR LIVES - holds great transformative energies.  It CAN be a rebirth.  It CAN be a new weaving of ourselves into a new life.  It CAN be something more than what we at first see - brooding, foreboding, and utterly chaotic in what it seemingly takes from us or our lives.

Think of natural disasters - hurricanes and earthquakes leaving rubble - and unmade lives - in their wake.  Think of a diagnosis of illness for you or someone you love that completely catapults you into a whole new world - one where your old life simply is no more - gone, in a flash of light.  Think of some tearing of the fabric of your life by some thread snapping and breaking, to your utter horror and complete surprise - loss of job, loss of loved one, loss of anything you hold so dear that it is a foundation point for your present and future life as you see it and know it to be.

In other words - in some way - the slate of your life is being wiped clean.  And these are THE MOST POTENT TIMES on earth right now, so many of us are uniquely and utterly feeling this very thing.  LIGHT is taking form in some wholly unexpected - and deeply powerful ways.  And sometimes we are introduced to - and welcomed into, if we accept that invitation - these transformations completely OUT OF THE BLUE.

When this happens, it is easy and expected to try to rebuild what was.  To try to recapture that which was taken from us or has been lost.

BUT . . . WHEN THE BOTTOM FALLS OUT?  In the truest voice of our ESSENCE and OUR OWN HIGHEST SELVES, we are asked to take a different approach.  To SEE from a higher space and to look at the barrenness of what has been ripped asunder - and to allow A NEW VISION to take hold.

Death, life, homes, families, careers and health or wealth - all can be gone in an instant.  When this happens?  IF WE CHOOSE TO, we can take a moment and honor the very power and energy which has come to roost in our lives.  Unbidden and usually unbeknownst to us, signs usually have been appearing - we simply did not see or pay attention.  BUT NOW?  Now, we are really asked by our own highest creation powers of light and love - TO STEP DEEPLY INTO THIS MOMENT with our soul. To allow OUR ESSENCE to speak, to guide,to illuminate . . . the destruction, devastation or transformation which life brings.

When we do this?  No matter whether we face end of life or end of a lifestyle, we can wholly HONOR our full inner creation power . . . to move forward from A HIGHER SPACE OF LIGHT.  When we do, we can ignite new frequencies of creation power, we can open ourselves to seeing our destiny - no matter whether we have a single breath or 100 years left on this soul path - and to becoming MORE OF WHO WE TRULY CAME TO BE.

The bottom line?  LIFE ITSELF - in any form - is truly PRECIOUS.  SACRED.  And . . . POWERFUL.  And we can use that wisdom to guide us when THE BOTTOM FALLS OUT OF OUR OWN LIFE.  Doing so let's us really soar through what seems to be destruction and devastation . . . and find glimmering gems of not just hope - BUT LIFE! -  in what remains.

You may be surprised, but this IS a happy and powerful time for your soul or your essence.  SHE KNOWS how to wield Her Love and Her Light for the highest good.  And in times like these?  There is no better place to be, and no higher action to first take, than to empower her TO LEAD YOU FORWARD.

This listing is for those of you who find yourself in one of these pivotal, life-altering times.  We're here to help you hear and see and feel . . . THE WISDOM that lives inside you about how to turn this moment into ALL IT CAME TO BE.  If you're not 'hearing' this voice inside you . . . WE WILL!  And the  magic and mystery of spirit and life . . . will be yours once more.  REVEALED in a magical, creative, and soulful way . . . as we connect with your ESSENCE in a spirit of oneness.  That oneness . . . always reveals the good, the light, the magic and miracle . . . humans never see.

Isn't it time to know . . . why this time has come?  And how to embrace ITS HIDDEN GIFT OF LIGHT?



Include any notes you like - about what you see in your life, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with details for how we will help bring YOUR ESSENCE'S knowing of this event . . . TO YOU!


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