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"WAKING UP" is a most enchanting new ESSENCE.  She calls upon us to truly WAKE UP to all the channels and rivers of LIGHT coursing through us 24/7.  The Unknown, The Unseen, The Hidden - she comes to reveal and illuminate all that lives inside of each of us WITHIN THE REALM OF LIGHT.  How?

She does this by first helping you to open your heart wider.  So that what is there can be ILLUMINATED for you.  It's not even that we don't in some way know it is there - signs have been there all along our way.  We just don't notice - or most often, choose to ignore - that which we don't wish to explore.  Discovering these new fields of light within us is crucial to living a true life.  Authentic presence requires we own the breadth and depth of the purest LIGHT within us.  To do so, we are asked, one and all, to let go of our judgments of those rays of light and rivers of celestial frequencies which we have not understood or turn away from.

Fear cannot exist here - in this part of you.  THIS ESSENCE helps you to let go of that which is blocking your view of the TRUE PRESENCE - and THE PURE RADIANCE - of the deepest light.  WAKING UP is the sacred path of all souls on earth.  If you are still holding fear - about anything - you are still waking up.  She - THIS SACRED ESSENCE - comes to encourage the discovery of THE DAWN OF NEW LIGHT WITHIN YOU.  It's been there all along - but it will feel new to you - because you've never quite been able to look at it directly and welcome it.  The time has come.  It is now.  It's a magical thing to truly open yourself in this way.  But more than that?  It's a soulfully POWERFUL thing.

Ready?  She'll guide you.  Deep inside yourself . . . to the very threshold where you can WAKE UP to A NEW DAWN.  AN INNER DAWNING LIGHT . . . within you.

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