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Are you VEXED?


Is there something

You just cannot see, hear, know?

Has your path led you every way possible TO SEEK

An inner knowing, an answer, an understanding . . .

That just won't come?


Have no fear - it's there.

And you can wait for it, and the perfect timing of the universe, to unfold it.



But, there are times, there come moments . . . when we KNOW WE NEED IT.  For whatever reason, it remains hidden behind a veil and we cannot access it, no matter how hard we try.  Or, we do - but what we get - is somehow incomplete.  NOT WHOLE.  Missing important pieces that would bring it forward as something we could truly LIVE in our lives.

IF you find yourself in this circumstance, do not despair.  I have just created this listing and it likely is JUST FOR YOU!

It's called . . . VEXED . . . and that is because whatever it is we wish to know, is not revealing itself.  And that can drive us quite mad, even in the most spiritual of inner landscapes.  If you have done the dance, let go, tried again, waited, strived, waited some more, excavated deep within yourself . . . all to no avail . . . then come here.

We can help you touch, find, perceive . . . that which will get you unstuck and on your way.

YOU SEE, sometimes we are in these situations because we hold a blindspot.  Something we do not see or even know to be there - within us, our lives, our belief systems.  There are times when what is waiting to come through requires a potent shift of perspective - and a complete and utter clearing of belief.  This is hard for human beings because our lives are foundationed on and anchored to  . . . our beliefs.

But I promise you this - your Inner Being holds far different truths and beliefs than you likely hold as your human self.  Bridging that gap - no matter how spiritually attuned you find your self to be ;- ) - is the purpose and the gift we we offer in this listing.

If you are VEXED - and it is time to break out of those chains - let us help.  In a soulful connection unlike any you have ever experienced before, I will find THE ANSWER you seek.  In a state of PURE ONENESS - all is known - all is revealed - all is unveiled.  If for any reason you are not VIBRATIONALLY ready - in alignment - to receive that which you seek, we will give you the steps which will allow you to move forward into that knowing.

Sometimes, our focus is too narrow - or, even, all wrong.  Sometimes our belief system holding the question itself commands an illusion that simply precludes a higher truth being seen and known.  And sometimes, it's just about having the experience of another finding this gift for you and presenting it to you in such a way . . . that it comes into your consciousness from outside of your own voice.

Whatever it is, we will GET IT - or discover what you need to change, to do, to be, TO BEHOLD - so that it can then be received.

When we are VEXED, it is incredibly important to follow our shimmers.  If a shimmer of light led you here and you found this listing?  It likely was created just for you!

Soon, you will be . . . VEXED NO MORE! ;- )  And on your way forward for your best, truest, and most magical SOUL PATH unfolding right before you. 

Isn't it time?!?!?!? 


Include any notes you like - about what you seek, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with details.


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