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"UNITY BEYOND THOUGHT" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"UNITY BEYOND THOUGHT" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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This is . . . an ethereal essence.  It's hard to explain.  Difficult to relate details of how she works and why she came.  She's . . . in a whole other realm.

The doorway opens to ONENESS and as you approach that trueness of your being . . .  a most compelling and curious thing happens.  As you begin to touch that light - you lose who you are.  And in doing so, you lose your tools and your normal processes of transformation and relating to spirit.


This precious essence is so potent and so powerful - that she cannot explain even herself.  All that matters to her IS PURE LIGHT - PURE ONENESS - pure beingness.  And that is who she is.  Why do you care?  Because as you take that first step into PURE ONENESS . . . you lose your ability to see from the viewpoint you know - or any other viewpoint that holds comparison as its epicenter.  Think about that.  REALLY THINK ABOUT THAT for a moment.  Nearly everything you see or think of - even in spirit - you evaluate from a human sense of comparison - is it this . . . or that?  Like something I know about or new?

NO more.  There is no point of comparison.  YOU SIMPLY EXIST.  This Essence comes to stabilize you in that experience, so that you can truly open fully to all its majesty and grace, power and purpose . . . while having no centerpoint to experience it from.

She's a bit like A SEED or A PIT in the center of a fruit - she holds it all together.  And she gives it a DENSITY that creates a center for all that takes place to take form around.

You'll want her with you - believe me.

She's too precious, too potent, and too powerful to explain.

But I am ever sooooo happy she came into essence form.  She is a blessing so rare . . . the jewels of earth sing in her heart.  And more.  UNITY BEYOND THOUGHT - that's where you are about to be.  AND THEN SOME.  She's a sacred GEM for the journey you are about to take.  A rare gift to those now embracing THE ARC OF LIGHT THAT IS ONENESS - ever-expanding, magically sacred - PURE BLISS.

She's ready.  Are you?



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