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"UNDONE & ITS MAJESTY" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"UNDONE & ITS MAJESTY" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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It's true - that LIGHT will unmake you.  You don't just expand through it or birth into it . .  . it UNDOES YOU.  And then some.

That's a marvelous thing, truth be told - but potent.  Yet, this particular essence comes when that part is done.  When you're standing on the pathway knowing ONENESS is right there before you - almost able to touch it.  And yet - you don't move forward.  For some unseen, unknown reason - you don't step into that energy which you have been preparing and transforming to move into.  The very thing you yearn for - and you are stuck standing on the outside of it peering in - as if in quicksand.

Worry not.  It's a powerful moment - yes, that''s true.  IT can unsettle your mind - if you let it.  But don't.  There is no need.  YOU ARE AT A PIVOT MOMENT - and it is a moment of power.  Why?  Why are you not moving - when you've finally arrived at the very space you want to be?

Two things.  One - its hugely SACRED.  The vortex emanating from ONENESS is deep and profound.  It's also unlike anything you'll have felt before.  No matter how deep and nuanced your journey in LIGHT - ONENESS IS DIFFERENT.  Beguilingly so.  It's more powerful than you can imagine - and different than you may have ever believed to be possible.

Think of it as if you are approaching an ancient, sacred temple.  The ancients often stopped before entering.  Feeling the power and presence of the place, sometimes they would wait days before entering.  Why?  They were growing into harmony and alignment with the pure power inside the temple which they could feel and sense awaited them.  This place demanded their full presence.  And they took their entry seriously.  You will feel just like that.  And do the same.  Wisely so.

But there is a second reason why you stand there - unmoving - when faced with that which you have been working so hard to be ready to step into.  There's something . . . more asked of you.  There are tendrils and segments of the old you - the old life - even remnants of the journey . . . which will now be left behind.  They won't move into THE CIRCLE OF ONENESS with you.  You will let them go.  And you will stay right here - on the outside of ONENESS - until you do.

THIS ESSENCE comes to brilliantly and powerfully HIGHLIGHT those elements of you which are not going to cross the threshold.  So that you can see them, acknowledge their gifts to you along the way to this point, bless them as a sacred part of you - and offer them up to the light to be transformed.  This may take a while - I kid you not  - there is more there than you may have ever imagined.  The process itself is complex and intricate - but not your part.  Your part is simply the seeing, blessing and letting go of . . . these final aspects which will not be a part of your life - in oneness - going forward.  It's a beguiling place.  You'll be amazed here - at this spot - where so much of who you have been transformed - and yet there are still arcs of that beingness which will want to be something more before you go the rest of the way.

Take your time here.   ENJOY the revelations.  They are all YOUR LIGHT - taking new form.  Birth after birth.  It's a majestic thing.  We think of coming  undone as being a difficult thing - but this part? -  it's wholly ENCHANTING.  So enjoy it!  That's why This Sacred Essence has come - to help you truly celebrate who you have been and who you are - as you create THE WHO YOU ARE TRULY NOW GOING TO BE.  It's a magical time.  Let her take your hand.  You can enjoy the process so much more . . . when you see it through her eyes.  I know :- ), she was my friend for quite a long time.

I'm happy to be able to have created her essence, now, for you.





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