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And now . . .
Are available in MIXES.
For those of you who joyfully embrace THE EARTH ANGEL spirit and are gifting our BRACELETS OF LIGHT near and far . . .
For those of you who request multiples to give to family and friends . . .
For those of you who found yourselves in the midst of BRACELET OF LIGHT MAGIC where you knew the bracelet you bought for someone specific - suddenly just had to go to someone else . . .
You can now choose a MIXED set of 3 or 4 of our A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT".
For those of you who yearned for different types in your choices for MULTIPLES, now you can order that very thing. 
You can choose A SET OF 3 which includes 1 "ALLURE", 1 "PRECIOUS" and 1 "ARCADIA" Bracelet Of Light.  This means you get one original style, one sweet and simple style and one gentlemanly or down to earth style. 
You may also choose A SET OF 4 which includes each of the three in the first MIX set, but also includes 1 "AURORA" Bracelet Of Light, which is our signature design.
Whichever you choose,each bracelet will be unique, created in the exact same sacred way all of our bracelets come into being. Our very special "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are infused with high frequency essences and vibrations which carry GIFTS OF LIGHT to touch anyone, anywhere in the perfect way - whether you personally know them or not!
It's no wonder our A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" call to the hearts of people everywhere, no matter their life or circumstance or belief system.  These precious creations allow each of us to be touched by GIFTS OF LIGHT in our lives in very special ways!


Others use the words of blessings, miracles, and sweet illuminating moments to describe the way their bracelet touches their life.  But for me, it's always simply the TOUCH OF LIGHT - OF LOVE - OF SPIRIT which beckons to our hearts, inviting us to become ever more deeply aware of the hidden gifts, touches of light, and profound wisdom and guidance which flow to us each and every day.

We have a very special feeling about our bracelet sets now being offered here.  They are A FAMILY OF LIGHT which flow out into the world - as you choose - in a very special way.  And who knows, perhaps it is the act of giving freely to another which ignites the hidden gems of our own path.

I don't know about you, but I ADORE giving these bracelets to others - it's exactly why I make them!!!  You feel connected to the flow of all that is good and light and holy in the world when you do.  And I can assure you that THE BLESSINGS & GIFTS OF LIGHT your gifted bracelet brings to others will flow all the way back to you, in a very special way.

So do, share these as your heart desires.  And don't feel bad if one calls to you to be your very own.  These bracelets are magical things and you just never know what secrets and surprises they may carry!  Just trust your heart and follow its leads - ALWAYS.  AND FOREVER!

Each bracelet in the set comes in its own gift bag, along with a special introduction to this very special gift.  This makes it easy for you to give bracelets to whomever you wish, whenever the moment moves you.  Each of our BRACELET OF LIGHT families is now available in sets of multiple quantities.  Choose as your heart desires!

And prepare to be touched at just how enchanting it is to gift them away to others, whether it be family and friends you cherish or someone you do not even know that crosses your path.  The potential to create LIGHT in the world with our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" . . . is endless!

We will joyfully make a very special set or, as I think of them,  A FAMILY OF BRACELETS just for you!  What better way to touch another with a sparkle of light from your own heart . . . and perhaps beyond, from the highest realms of LIGHT?!

Are you ready to become . . .

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