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TOUCHY . . .

TOUCHY . . .

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Have you ever wondered

Why you are, for a time,



Why it seems as if

Every little thing sets you off,

And you yourself do not understand

Why eruptions of emotion or frustration keep coming



Well . . .


This is a good thing.

No - really!

IT IS ! !


Or it can be . . .

If YOU ALLOW its magic to be known.

Touchy is a time when we look all around us and about us - to find what is "wrong", why we are feeling the way we do.  We may blame others, fixate on what those around us have said or done - or look to events spiraling through our lives that others would rightly deem stressful.

But what if . . . IT'S MORE?

What if . . . THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY and THE ERUPTION . . . than you can find, or than can be known in your physical world view?

This listing was born of just such A TIME.  Believe it or not, I was feeling HAPPY and WONDERFUL inside myself.  My inner landscape was joyful and bright and calm and happy.  But it seemed as if every little thing was hitting a raw nerve - and my reactions and responses seemed out of context to, and with, how I felt inside.

What was happening here?

Therapists and family and friends could give you all sorts of "other truths" about what is happening and the cause and how to fix it.  BUT THIS LISTING?  This is for those times when . . . you have a sense that something MORE, something UNKNOWN and UNSEEN, is at play.  Something . . . MAGICAL!

And believe me . . . it is! 

"TOUCHY" happens when two things occur and conspire in such a way as to create LIGHTNING.  ELECTRICITY.  SPARKS OF LIGHT that are highly volatile - AND! - highly uncontained.  They cannot be controlled - they are directed by a higher power than your mind and your normal behavioral mechanisms in place to keep you on the straight and narrow, the expected interaction, the "proper" reaction and response highway.

First, you have entered a very high, suddenly expanding, volatile frequency.  This Vibration is like a spike of Higher Light energy taking place in your form - AND - emanating out from you.

Think of it as if you were suddenly carrying gasoline in your outer auric field - LOTS Of things would spark and explode that normally would pass by you untouched.  There's a new presence in YOU - and it is igniting a lot in the world around you.

Second, this is HIGH LIGHT - and it is not yet fully integrated into your field NOR is it bounded.  So it spreads wide - AND - it is HIGHLY magnetic.  Other vibrations, lower and more stable frequencies, are selectively drawn to it - like a moth to flame :- ) - and combustion or ignition ensues.

THESE ARE NOT NEGATIVE THINGS.  They are both desired (by your soul) and created by you (your essence).  THEY are, in truth, a special and "TOUCHING (pardon the pun :- )) GIFT" your inner light is giving to the world. 

Yes, it can be uncomfortable.  And - YES - it can seem as if you are suddenly REALLY, REALLY TOUCHY about everything and everyone around you - or certain things and certain beings.  But if you are truly feeling more than a little bit peaceful inside, in the depths of you . . . even while your "touchiness" springs to life on the surface . . . then you are most certainly living in THE TOUCHY ZONE!

Take heart.  It doesn't (usually) last long.  The higher frequencies stabilize and burn off, so to speak, the lower frequencies that are touched by its flame.  And it IS . . . A GIFT.  Because whatever is drawn to your SPARKS - and creating the outer TOUCHY SPARKS and reactions you see coming from within you - IS ASKING TO TRANSFORM.  Most often, the explosion or spark literally wipes clean something which was ready to be released - be it a thought, a pattern, a relationship interaction, whatever comes.  So that A NEW and "TRUER LIGHT" PATTERN can take place.

YOU ARE LITERALLY allowing things which no longer serve you and/or others to be brought into the fire - and zapped.  Their release - through YOUR TOUCHINESS - out into the outside world is the final dissolving of something that will not serve LIGHT itself going forward.

So be happy.  If you're spiraling off your rocker and feeling tempest inside you - this is not TOUCHY.  TOUCHY is when you yourself are actually SURPRISED by what comes forth from you, your reaction in these moments - because you SENSE and FEEL some inner space of calm within you before, during and after it happening.  THAT CALM?  Is your soul and your spirit and your essence . . . guiding and directing and watching over the event.  And it gives you the knowing that MAGIC - and LIGHT! - are at work here.

So welcome them.  Trust their mysterious ways.  And listen within yourself for your heart and your inner voice of wisdom.  Her messages will guide you perfectly.

BUT . . . if you yearn to know THE DEEP MAGIC at play here, the why and the gift it holds and the reason it has come . . . this listing will take you deep into THE CREATION SPIRIT which brings "TOUCHY" into your life.  THROUGH YOU!

I am happy when these moments come into my life.  They show me A MAGICAL - and POWERFUL! - new form of creation and a new wisdom that has begun to enter into my life.  I embrace them - I watch them in awe as if seeing fireworks in a velvet night sky - and I ALWAYS delve deep to be sure I RECEIVE and HONOR the gift they bring.

You can, too - if you wish!  This Listing is our way of bringing that forward into your conscious knowing . . . if you choose!  TO KNOW!


Include any notes you like - about what you see happening, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with the details for REVEALING the GIFTS this "TOUCHY" TIME holds for you.


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