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"Touching Spirit . . . and Those We've Lost" - A CHARMED CLASS

"Touching Spirit . . . and Those We've Lost" - A CHARMED CLASS

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We are ever connected - energetically - spiritually - emotionally . . . to those who have shared our lives.  No matter the form.  No matter the duration. No matter the ending.   No matter how long it's been since we felt their presence.

It is possible - and, beyond that, a beautiful thing - when we touch spirit.  We can reach out in any moment to immerse ourselves in that invisible, present field of light which holds all the love of the universe, all the beings who have ever inhabited it, and all the souls and essences who watch over us.

If you doubt this is possible - prepare to be amazed.  OUR SOULS know how.  OUR HEARTS lead the way.  The only thing standing between us - and spirit - is fear.  But even that we can dissolve with some simple - and powerful - ways of peering into the world.  The world we live in is many-dimensional.  IT is also extremely vibrational.  We control our own access to that world with our vibration.

It's all up to you - you hold the power and the key for touching spirit and the unseen realms.  Come - we'll introduce you to your power.  Where it then takes you . . . is your own magical journey to enjoy!

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