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"THUMBLINA" Portfolio (Video Collection)

"THUMBLINA" Portfolio (Video Collection)

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Once upon a time, there was a magical stone.

A rock that had experienced something truly magical. And because of that event, she shared her story with THE WORLD.

Are you ready to learn the hidden magic we all hold inside . . . when we allow our hearts to lead and let our physical forms show us their deepest and truest wisdom?

SHE DID - and now, you can, too!

If you are truly ready . . .

to DIVE IN fully - HEART, MIND & SOUL! - then I have set up a special PORTFOLIO that holds all the videos for THUMBELINA.  She is a very rare, Enchanted Being who surprisingly joined us in our MAGIC AT  MIDNIGHT classes.  

She holds an especially powerful - AND WISE! - view of the physical realm and how all material beings can tap into THE POWER OF THEIR SOUL.  She holds enormous knowledge about how OUR BODIES can function as bodies of light - no matter their current physical state of being, well-being, or even seeming lack thereof!

To allow her to speak to your heart directly, simply click on the "THUMBELINA" PORTFOLIO COLLECTION.  IT WILL BE INCLUDED AT A ZERO PRICE when you check out.  Once you complete the check out process - no payment required ;-) - a secure link will be provided to you.  The link will allow you to view and/or download all the videos in this collection. 

Just click . . . and enjoy!

As ever . . .


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