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THE WHOLE . . . of ME

THE WHOLE . . . of ME

$ 444.00


This is a very special listing.

And it came about in a very unique and rare way.

It played first through me - my body and my soul - in the wee hours.

 An invitation brightly beckoned . . . and I accepted.

And nothing has been the same ever since.


I want you to understand

Why this listing came.  Who it is for.  How it can transform us.

It's just hard to put into words something . . . so potent.  And ETHEREAL!


If you have been living your Spirit or Soul Path for a time,

You likely have encountered all sorts of moments of expansion.

And they are typically followed by a time, and process, of integration.



This is for that time when you know and feel you are TRULY READY.

Ready to embrace - to hold - and, most importantly, TO LIVE AS . . .


Every last drop of . . .



You'll know when that time comes.

You'll feel well physically, having completed

The massive and magical - and powerful! - transformations

Which make and remake our bodies and forms

As our vibrational frequency expands.


And you will feel . . . invincible.

You will be ready and waiting, as if literally chomping at THE REINS

To get deeply on with the fullest living of


. . . Of Light.


Is that you?

IF so, then magic awaits.

And this listing comes as a special - and precious -


Completely.  Utterly.  And without restraint.


Choosing this listing is a bit of THROWING DOWN A GAUNTLET - TO YOUR SOUL.  It's your way of saying, "LET'S GET ON WITH IT!  I'M READY - WILLING - and ABLE . . . to live MY DESTINY OF LIGHT.  'Just point the way to begin that which I KNOW is before me, and all that I may not yet perceive.'

'Just move through me.  Take me.  BECOME all that flows through me in THE most powerful and true of ways.'

In other words, you are saying that it is time.  And you are powerfully inviting - and welcoming . . . YOUR FULL ESSENCE to take up residence WITHIN YOUR MATERIAL FORM and CONSCIOUS LIFE.

This is sooooo powerful.  Humans rarely do this.  But when we do, we open ourselves to truly walk this earth as ALL OF WHO WE CAME TO BE.  It is not just transformative - it is PURE ALCHEMY.  And it all begins by allowing THE FULL DEPTH AND BREADTH of your ESSENCE OF LIGHT . . . to be held by, and within, the physically conscious and present . . . YOU.  And to do so NOW!

Oh, this is beyond magical.  And it is more powerful than most moments in our lives.  Why?  BECAUSE WE are knowingly and intentionally CHOOSING . . . to step into the Being * the Form * and the Life . . . which can hold OUR TRUEST, MOST COMPLETE ESSENCE.  OUR PUREST and MOST POWERFUL LIGHT.

Step back.  Just don't close your eyes.  Because you are going to want TO SEE that which you ignite to come forth within you.  It will be beyond your wildest dreams or most magical imaginations. 

And this listing comes to help ILLUMINATE whatever beacons of light YOUR FULL ESSENCE sends out to you as she takes up FULL PRESENCE within you.  Not just around you or nearby or connected - but operating as THE FULL CENTER of your physical spectrum of being.

I cannot tell you how MAGICAL and POTENT this will be.  You will have to experience it . . . for yourself.

And if YOUR TRUEST DESTINY OF LIGHT is waiting for you in the wings - then why wait???



Include any notes you like about your situation in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with details for how we will reveal the most powerful ways for you to embrace this magical time.  A TIME OF welcoming THE WHOLE LIGHT of YOU . . . into your conscious, material, seemingly human LIFE!  That doesn't just hold MAGIC - it holds MIRACLES, too!


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