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The Whisper Of Light - A Sacred Connection

The Whisper Of Light - A Sacred Connection

$ 177.00

It is true, that all of life holds within it an unseen, invisible spark of light.  It is also true that every form of life is designed to communicate with all others - through the heart.

It can be difficult for any of us to FEEL and to HEAR the whisper of light from deep within another being - especially in times of stress or emotion or fear.  Yet, it is in just those times, that we most need THAT DEEP CONNECTION, that truer wisdom, that deeper seeing into another being, a difficult situation, or simply our highest path forward.

This listing is for a deep and soulful connection.  Here, we can seek answers to your deepest and most troubling questions, solutions to the most vexing challenges in your life, and even inspirations for deeper alignment and truer expression of your own greatest gifts.

Use this listing when you want clarity, seek wisdom, or yearn for a higher perspective.  Family animals going through a crisis?  ASK.   Struggling in your relationship with someone close to you?  ASK.  Uncertain about what is being asked of you in the most challenging areas of your life right now?  ASK.

We can all gain wisdom.  WE can all be blessed with insight.  And we can all search deep within ourselves for that which we most need to know.  But there are times when . . . it seems beyond our reach, somehow.  It seems . . . we can't quite GET that which we need or wish to know.

Just include in the NOTES section when you checkout what you most yearn to know.  I will connect in a state of oneness with your soul, the other being, or life itself . . . to receive that which you are trying to discern.  Once the connection is complete, I will email you the wisdoms received, and the journey forward will be your own from there.

This is a precious offering.  A soulful merging into the hearts and souls of all concerned.  Magic happens - when we open our hearts and receive its knowing.  This is that offering!

Blessed Be,


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