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"THE UNSEEN LABYRINTH" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"THE UNSEEN LABYRINTH" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Let me tell  you this - this special essence is not what you might think.  She is ALL ABOUT a special, magical blueprint of light that exists in the invisible realms of ONENESS.  Not just an ordinary - or even a most sacred blueprint . . . this is a celestial map that is never truly revealed in form.

BUT . . . it can be known.  And this essence comes to guide your steps into that very potent revealing.  It's not just a blueprint or a roadmap - it's not just a celestial pathway none can see or reveal.  IT'S MORE.  It is the peculiar and very tender formulation for every true BIRTH OF LIGHT.  IT is unseen - you can only find it by going in blind.  It cannot be shared or communicated - it bubbles up inside you as if a knowing that was always there.   IT is complex - and you will never know that it is there and you have found it . . . until the very end.

Why?  Because it's like walking a hidden, invisible labyrinth.  Each step holds a specific note - which then births the next.  The point isn't to actually GET SOMEWHERE - but to be present in each coming moment of the creation.   Labyrinths and sacred spirals are known for their twists and turns, swirls and curves.  Remember that.  As your life grows ever more sacred . . . these unseen labyrinths begin to take an enduring - and endearing! - presence in your life.  And what that brings you is this:  a hidden mystery, always guiding you.  Something you can feel, discern, know - if not see.  It almost becomes an invisible partner for the journey - one who knows the way.  Why does it matter if you hit every note?  EACH ONE HOLDS A VERY SPECIAL, VERY UNIQUE, and DEEPLY RARE . . .  MAGIC.  And who wants to miss any of that?!?!?!!?

She's here.  This Essence is the embodiment of the knowing of THE UNSEEN LABYRINTH's LIGHT.  She comes to awaken within you . . . the knowing of this truly spectacular part of the journey.  A presence unseen.  Where is she?  At the threshold to oneness.  When you begin to feel . . . accompanied . . . by something deep beneath you - then it's  time.




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