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There may always come a time
When we are touched by a special being
Or when their life intersects in some way with our own.
The Sacred Presence of all of life is present in every form.
And the trees around us share a most potent
And powerful connection TO US. 

Our lives can intersect with other beings in infinite ways.  Sometimes, our life can actually seem to be in direct opposition to the life, well-being, or presence of another.  This Listing for very special and deeply soulful TREE CONNECTIONS for you was born of a very difficult experience of my own.

If you find yourself in a circumstance where your own actions, or those of another, are directly or even indirectly going to impact the life force and well-being of A TREE . . . this listing is FOR YOU!

Every Being of any life form holds consciousness - because life itself is sentient.  Life is energy and that energy holds both presence AND consciousness or knowing.  Thus, we are in relationship with it first and foremost as a relationship of life to life - heart to heart.

When events in your life are going to create impact to the life of another - including A TREE - it is not just wise, but it is helpful for you for your own inner harmony and well-being - to CONNECT with that Being in the deepest and truest way possible.  Before you proceed with any action.

As well, there are times when a special energy seems to call to us, to beckon to us, from a special tree we discover or see or meet.  And in these times, there are POTENT and PROFOUND gifts of light and spirit and wisdom which these sacred beings offer to us all.

If you wish TO HEAR what a special tree feels or suggests or offers as their own spiritual wisdom in an unfolding . . . DO!  We all can hear and feel the trees.  They communicate with us in our truest language - that of the heart.  If you feel less certain of your own ability to do so, then I am honored and touched to provide just such a connection for you.  So that you, too, can be blessed by the power and wisdom and knowledge of these very sacred and wise beings who share our lives.

They live without the element of fear.  THAT ALONE is blessing enough to reach out to them - you cannot encounter that living example of oneness and not be changed by it.  Truly, you cannot.

These connections are dear to my heart, and no different than any other connection with any other Being who holds light and love and presence.  They are, too, a specialty of mine because . . . I LOVE TREES! 

They have been some of THE most powerful teachers I have known. 
And my life has been transformed and blessed by their gifts.
Yours can be too!
You'll see.

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