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#06 - "THE SOUL'S WAY" CLASS (a mini class)

#06 - "THE SOUL'S WAY" CLASS (a mini class)

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The Soul's Way
Holds the incredible magic and power
Of listening to our heart, igniting our highest wisdom,
And taking the steps that begin the conscious creation
Of living our truest life.

It's not hard.
It's . . . soul * play! 


We never truly know THE POWER and MAGIC we hold . . . until we begin to really touch in some way OUR ESSENCE.  As we begin to make the connections - consciously - between our surface-selves and our deep, inner voice of wisdom . . .  we open doorways to a whole new way of life.

That life is powerful and potent, magical and mystical, and full of love.  YES - LOVE.

You see, when we form our lives in the normal human way, we most often miss the TRUEST and DEEPEST and WISEST energies that we ourselves hold . . . for creating our most precious and most blessed life.  THE ONE WE CAME TO LIVE.  The life that our essence considered WORTH EVERYTHING TO CREATE, before we took form.

Are YOU living that life? 

Do you wake up every day without a single regret, knowing in your gut that YOUR LIFE is reflecting all that you came to do * to be * TO LIVE?  Most humans find that - if you think about it - it could seem that a lot of your life just happened to you.  And it might seem that a lot of that life took place in some version of auto-pilot or less than conscious choosing.  It might even occur to you that MOST OF THAT LIFE is now over or passed you by, so does it really matter?  (OH YES - it really really really does!)

The Soul's Way CLASS is about taking back the reins.  HOWEVER - and let's be clear about this from the outset - THIS IS NOT a class about manifestation or any of that "WORK".  Rather, this is about . . . changing YOUR VIEWPOINT. YOUR PERSPECTIVE.  YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD AND YOUR PLACE IN IT.

And it is about something more:  about opening your mind to truly welcome, embrace and listen to . . . YOUR DEEPEST INNER SPACE OF WISDOM.  YOUR SACRED HEART.  This is so much easier than you might think or dream.  It's not about meditation or holy mumbo jumbo (though feel free to engage in either if it calls to you!).  Rather, this is about ALLOWING THE NATURAl, INNATE voice of wisdom within you to BE HEARD.  To BE RECOGNIZED.  To . . . BE HONORED.

FIRST.  Not AFTER you've googled, not AFTER your mind has weighed in with its intellectual story, not AFTER those you know and cherish have "helped" you to know.  This is about YOU.  And YOU.

We will discover some playful and happy ways to truly LISTEN and HEAR what your ESSENCE is telling you, guiding you, showing you.  WE will play with some deep truths about all the innate and powerful parts of yourself that our human lives tend to disregard, forget or simply IGNORE.

I promise you this:  you will have a whole new approach for creating every moment of every day of your life once you take this class.  Without steps, formulas, rules.  SIMPLY BY LEARNING TO HONOR that which you were born with:  your own beautiful, wise, and perfect INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM.


An 11-week "GLIMMER OF LIGHT" online class:

Which offers the beginnings of learning - or remembering :- ) - how your Soul or Essence speaks to you . . . and then learning to cultivate and integrate that connection ever more deeply into your life.

 - OR -

 A 33-week "SPARKLE OF LIGHT" online class:

Which goes deeper, and allows your questions and experiences to inform the class as we go.  Take this class if you want to deepen that connection between you and your inner wisdom in a way that allows you to simply TAKE WHAT IS HAPPENING in your life right now - and learn to live it from within YOUR SOUL'S WISDOM.  It's a powerful thing to embrace.  Why?  Because IT IS YOUR OWN INNATE POWER that you are stepping into.


Of all the things I teach,

This is the most important.



Because it is the one tool you carry inside you . . .





Living without that part of yourself . . .

Is foolish.  And makes life difficult.

And so much less FUN!

:- )

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