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The Sacred Voice

The Sacred Voice

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There comes A Time.

And we all know it has arrived.

But we wonder . . . how to HEAR that which we know is there.

Ok, this is one of those offerings that simply takes your breath away.  And, it is especially created to serve you when those times come . . . WHERE THERE IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.
When . . . your heart aches, or beats with excitement like never before, or is bursting to share something important with you . . . but you simply just do not know what is there.  Hard as you try.  Deep as you dedicate yourself to the listening.  Much as you are ready and wanting - ACHING! - to know.
For one, such as myself, who believes above all else that YOU ONLY NEED YOUR SELF, YOUR OWN ESSENCE, TO MAKE THIS JOURNEY INTO LIGHT and TO PERFECTLY FIND AND FOLLOW YOUR OWN MOST SACRED PATH . . . listings such as these are an act of faith.  A DEEP ENACTMENT of faith.  Why?  Not for what I'm offering - no, that, for me - in all honesty - is easy as pie, and flows as my every breath.  No, I take a deep breath of faith in offering listings like this because . . . I KNOW you can do this.  I KNOW you are all you need.  AND I KNOW you will hear/feel/sense SPIRIT and YOUR ESSENCE as you go through this sacred journey.
Still, I KNOW I am to offer these connection listings to others, and so I do.  DEEEEP FAITH. :- )
But here's what you need to know.  HEARING/SENSING/FEELING spirit and your soul along the path of LIght is a given.  It will happen.  It does happen.  In the beginning, it can seem hard, but IT IS A MOST NATURAL PART OF YOU.  Even for those who know the way and regularly do connect with spirit at will . . . THERE DO COMES TIMES.
Times when the silence is overwhelming.  Times when the message seems murky.  Times when we either have to trust the more quiet form it takes, or - OCCASIONALLY - ask for help outside of ourselves.  There is one caveat.  I am a firm believer that any act of connecting with another in times such as these is to occur only when you feel DEEPLY GUIDED TO DO SO - and - DEEPLY GUIDED TO THAT SOUL.
If you find yourself in that position, then welcome, and this listing is for you.  To soothe your heart, settle your mind, and open a new perspective within you.  THAT NEW perspective is somethimes KEY - and all it takes.  Why?  Because if you become so focused on questions in a certain way or are holding a paradigm that will not be true for you in the future . . . spirit won't guide you in the answer to the questions you ask which are outside of your TRUE PATH - your TRUE SOUL'S WAY.
But before I tell you what the listing is for, let me assure you of this:  CONNECTING TO/HEARING/SENSING/FEELING spirit and your soul . . . is not something YOU create.  Not in its purest, deepest, and truest expression.  Rather . . . IT COMES.  So know that.  Await its sacred and divine wisdom of timing.  And be ready when it arrives, surprising you in the form it takes or the truth it holds.
But . . . for those of you TRULY GUIDED to hear THE SACRED VOICE of SPIRIT and YOUR ESSENCE - in a new and deeper way, then choose this listing.  There is A SACRED VOICE of LIGHT which is accessible ONLY in the heart of oneness.  Most do not connect from that space, much less share the wisdoms gleaned there, for a simple reason - most cannot hold physical form while there.  So when they return - if they even truly do  get that deep - the message is not there in their mind, or even their heart, to communicate.
The only way to do it . . . is to be in a continual state of oneness before the connection, as they connect, and after.  Obviously, if you can't hold form to do that - your mind cannot be there to recall what is shared.  For whatever reason, I live in that realm.  So what comes is mine to hold for all eternity.
And with this listing, whatever wisdom - truth - illumination that comes for you from that space . .. will be yours.
I adore spirit. I adore connections.  I love the sacred energy which is present in ONENESS.  It's why I live there - and only there.  If that is your choosing - to KNOW what your ESSENCE KNOWS from that pure, unbounded space - FOR YOU - then here you go.  Three choices for depth/length are available.  Choose wisely.  And be blessed.
Just remember, too.  As your path unfolds . . . THE CONNECTIONS COME TO YOU AS WELL.  So trust them when they do - whatever form they hold..
Also, as a word to the wise, I have come to see and to learn that . . . there are certain MESSAGES that will only be delivered by another.  It's not that YOU cannot receive it.  It is that THE MESSAGE or THE TRUTH or THE WISDOM is that soul's sacred gift to give you.  A soul agreement releases the message to them, and them alone.  And they have the soul responsibility to give the gift given to them - to you.
This listing embodies that sacred knowing.  And honors those messages and truths which can only come as a soul gift.  From Me.  To THEE!
Enjoy !
Final love note:  prepare yourself for the wisdom which will come here in this offering.  It will be vast, deep, beyond your normal human "plans".  It will be bold and may shake you up a bit if you have not felt it pulling you already.  Just smile, breathe, relax.  SPIRIT is here to surprise our human selves into AWAKENING.  It's a good thing - always! :- )
It is my deep belief that . . .
Whatever message comes,
You will eventually then
Find it too within
Your Own Heart.

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