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"THE SACRED EXPLODE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"THE SACRED EXPLODE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Wondering what this essence holds?  SOMETHING TRULY MAGICAL.

THE SACRED EXPLODE refers to that rare, liminal space where - in fact - everything becomes new again.  Right in the middle of you - and this very life you now hold.  What I mean is this:  there comes a time in the unfoldings of LIGHT when you begin to approach the outer regions of ONENESS.  They beckon soooo beguilingly, you cannot turn away.

Yet - you're not quite there yet.  And . . . truth be told . . . you're not quite ready.  THAT VIBRATION, so enchanting, is still a few steps away.  And why?  Because there's just a bit more work to do.  Soul Work.  Transformative work.  INNER LIGHT WORK.

And what that means is . . . A VIBRATIONAL EXPANSION yet awaits you.  So often in this journey we think we are there - having reached THE ONENESS we are so intentionally seeking and birthing.  And yet, something more comes to garner our attention as if to say - diamond light, not quite yet.  There's more to do.

THERE IS A MOMENT, when you truly perceive YOUR SOUL'S PUREST CALLING . . .  where you might turn away.  Doing so will likely seem impossible to you - until that moment when it appears - when you get there - and see it in all its wonder and glory.  Why?  Why is this difficult?  It's not really.  But it can be an utter surprise - especially if you are one who thinks you KNOW NOW, before that moment arrives, WHAT YOUR SOUL CALLING IS.

You will find - THE CALLING WHICH AWAITS YOU is much higher light than you knew or perceived or yet fathomed.  And that can . . .  take some getting used to.

This Essence comes to remind you to TAKE A BREATH in that very powerful moment.  And rather than turn away - she guides you  to stand where you are, close your eyes, and take a deep breath of light.  In this space, the whole world of light may seem to explode around you - and that's a good thing.  You're moving into A NEW HARMONIC OF LIGHT - one which allows you to fully and completely embrace the full embodiment of your truest light.

This essence is all about two things - tightly interwoven - and deeply embedded into this most powerful and pivotal of moments.  They are these:  TRUTH.  And SACRED LOVE.

Truly - there's nothing more you need.  And she's here to show you and remind you of that truth.

It will be yours now . . .  forever, ever more.

Joyfully.  And that's a wondrously delightful thing.

Big moments can be that, you know - powerful AND wondrously delightful.  Let's make them so.  This is one you won't want to miss.  But I'd say, even more than that, truly step into with all that you are . . .  and make it all that it can be.  This Sacred Essence will lead the way.  And more.



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