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Have you felt

As if something is coming . . .

As your life seems to twist and turn,

Perhaps even seemingly out of control ?


Does it feel as if a vortex of chaos

Has brought events you did not choose

Into your life?

If so,

You are likely experiencing . . .

The Reckoning!


The Reckoning is not a negative thing.  It's an IMPULSE.  It is . . . AN EFFECT.  And it is - believe it or not! - wholly of your making.  Whether you can see it or not, understand it quite yet, or believe it has to do with your Soul and Soul Path here . . . it does.

This listing is created to bring forth a discovery inside you of . . . times like these.  Times when an ENERGY of RECKONING flows through our lives, changing them in ways we never saw coming - and surely, one would think, most certainly did not intend!

But that's just it, you see - this is INTENDED.  These changes DO hold purpose.  Why, believe it or not . . . they EVEN DO hold . . . MAGIC!  TRUE MAGIC!!!  The most soulful . . . and powerful! . . . kind.

You see, The Reckoning is the presence - manifestation, if you will - of an energy and impulse of creational vibration . . . we ourselves released at some point earlier on our path.  It might SEEM as if that is not true - or cannot be true - but I promise you, it is.  When you SEE the connection points which brought THE RECKONING energies forth . . . you then understand something.  Something Powerful.

You begin to SEE why this time has come.  You even begin to glimpse some of its PURPOSE in your life.  Before we are through - if you wish - you may even get to see the sparkles of THE BLESSINGS that lie hidden in the folds of the events you are so sure . . . are not for your own well-being.

But here is the thing.  Until you can SEE and FEEL and HEAR . . . The Reckoning's Truth . . . you cannot know her.  Nor understand why this time is here.  And you certainly cannot determine the best way forward through her midst.

We created this very special, very soulful creation - to help you uncover THE PEARL in the center of THE RECKONING.  Something which the storm and events in your life have conspired to bring forth . . . so that you can find this special gem.  It may be a KNOWING, a WISDOM, an UNDERSTANDING, a new PERSPECTIVE - even a new truth - about yourself and your life . . . that changes everything.  It holds that much power.  And will do everything in its power . . . to bring to you that gift.

If THE RECKONING is waltzing through your life, and you've been wondering - what on earth is happening here?!!??! - perhaps it is time now to very soulfully . . . discern the TRUE ANSWER to that question.

Are you ready?  Or would you rather wait for . . . MORE RECKONING energies to unfold?

:- )



Include any notes you like - about what you seek, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with the magical details for how to begin.


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