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"THE RAINBOW SWORD" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"THE RAINBOW SWORD" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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To be completely honest - I had to sit with this a bit.  The name - I had to grow into a deeper trust of it.  Why?  Likely you know.  Likely, like me, you do not think in terms of weapons or evil or things of this nature.  Especially in a journey where these essences are designed to illuminate and highlight - and even to bridge - the entryway TO ONENESS. 

What madness is this?

I waited.  And then something quite potent - and deeply magical - was revealed to me.  SWORD can be a weapon - yes .  But that's not how it is used here - note to self - always wait to allow THE INSTRUMENT OF LIGHT CREATING ITSELF TO REVEAL ITSELF TO YOU - before you think you know what it is or means.  Yes?  Let's all remember that, lol!

Actually, THE SWORD here is an energetic presence - obviously, for in terms of an ESSENCE, that is where our deepest and truest power will always originate from - THE ENERGY and LIGHT of a thing, far more than its physical nature.  True?  Yes - oh yes! - ever so true!

But THE SWORD OF THIS ESSENCE is the full-bodied, complete spectrumed vibrational presence . . . OF LIGHT.  And what is it used for?  For piercing THE VEIL.  Think of a room that is as dark as anything you  have ever seen.  Even the shadows have shadows because no light can be found.  Turn on a bright light - and voila - the shroud of darkness is not just penetrated - it is annihilated - its illusion no more.  And the beauty is this:  the darker it is, the more brightly even the tiniest of lights can penetrate the veil.

Enter . . .  THE RAINBOW SWORD - like a light saber, she is a focused stream of light which comes to guide and assist you with dissolving the last remaining veils on your path as you approach the threshold to, and of, oneness.  She means business.  She takes no prisoners.  Every illusion will be dissolved.  Yes - even your most precious, deepest, most-long-held-onto versions of a truth that is no longer true for you.  These can be fears, viewpoints, beliefs, even knowings from a long time ago - if they do not fit the vibrational matrix you are yearning to step into and are now moving desperately closely towards . . . they will be dissolved.

This is a happy thing.  It's a sacred thing, too.  The only part of you that may not celebrate it will be your mind.  But where exactly do you think these illusions were born?  Yes - exactly.  Time for pure light all around - even in the last, and far reaches, of the vastness of your mind.  Remember that it is a human element of creation and a physical matrix - the mind.  It can be elevated to function in a completely different way in the higher fields of light.  A way that allows only the fuel of truths and pure light to enter in.  Think of THE RAINBOW SWORD as . . . AN ANNOINTING ENERGY.  All that needs to fall away - will.  All that cannot stand within the true light of the purest frequencies of the sacred heart's rainbow . . . will find they exist no more.


It's a beautiful thing. 

This Sword?  Sooooo not a weapon.  Simply a focused beam of light that cannot be denied.  EVER the only weapon . . . a being of Light needs.  :- ) 




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