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#03 - "THE POWER OF LIGHT" CLASS (a mini class)

#03 - "THE POWER OF LIGHT" CLASS (a mini class)

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The energy and presence which surrounds us
Is available for so much more than we think or seem to know.
    Yet, it is the truest part of creation.
Is it wise to live our lives
Outside of this knowing ? ? ?

 If you think about it, we tend to live many - perhaps, if we are TRULY honest, most - aspects of our lives on auto-pilot.  Some version of automatic reaction, automatic thinking, perhaps choosing from within a conventional wisdom we simply accept - without bothering to delve deeper.

Why?  Who has the time?!?!? :- )  OR SO IT MAY SEEM . . .

And yet, it is OUR PRESENCE - OUR CHOOSING (full-bodied or calling it in without presence or thought) . . . which is, in every moment, and every breath . . . CREATING OUR LIFE.

But it is creating something ELSE, even more important - US:   OUR BEINGNESS - who we truly are - body, mind, soul.  So is it not at some point - any point - ok, let's be honest, EVERY POINT . . . worth it to us to truly take a powerful look inside ourselves, and our lives, and the creation of life around us and say . . . WOW, I had no idea this was there!

It's a potent thing - to open our eyes, clear our minds, listen to our hearts.  But it is something even more . . . IT IS THE WINDOW through which we can welcome a breath a fresh air into our inner beingness and, from there, into our lives.

OUR LIFE is simply what we are making of it.  Yet, for all of our doing, intending, planning and executing - we so rarely TOUCH OUR SOUL FIRST in those endeavors.  If we did . . . WOW! . . . we'd not even recognize the life we live as our own, because it would look and feel so wholly different.

How do we do that?  Sound impossible - too much work - too "deep" a concept?  It's actually not.  It's actually QUITE EASY.  It's actually . . . in some ways, the easiest, most fun thing you may have done in years.

If you're ready to have a little fun, and take a deeper peek into the depths of what lies beneath the surface inside you . . . this is your class.  You cannot know . . . if you never look ! :- )

This is your chance, for a time of joyful discovery - without having to commit to a whole year of a class.  BUT I WARN YOU . . . those who go on this short, magical journey . . . may just become so enchanted with what lies inside themselves, they want more.

But it's up to you . . . and you may as well start somewhere.  This is a little wee window, for taking a peek deep inside yourself.  Don't be afraid.  ONLY LIGHT LIVES WITHIN YOU.  Oh, and . . . a little bit of magic! ;- )

This is a 1-month class.  Just a glimpse . . . into LIGHT.

How big of a peek do you want to take . . . ?
;- )

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