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TRINE 02 - "THE NEXT BIG THING" - A Set of 3 Celestial Essences of Light

TRINE 02 - "THE NEXT BIG THING" - A Set of 3 Celestial Essences of Light

$ 144.00

This newest TRINITY came and - first - announced her name.

Then she shared that she was THE DIVINE EMBODIMENT of perfection . . .




Whatever your spiritual state, whatever your physical vibration, whatever your philosophy leanings . . . WISDOM is always the KEY to every situation.  It brings us face to face with our doubts or fears, giving us the courage to stand in their presence unadorned - and see past them . . . and it harnesses all of our potential.

This SACRED TRINITY OF ESSENCES comes to weave your highest, most sacred wisdom into that physical life you hold.  But especially, these are a powerful ally and guide and counselor . . . for those times when THE UNEXPECTED twists life on its very axis.

If you are shaken . . . she soothes.  If you are trembling . . . she calms.  If you are blindsided . .  . she opens your eyes.

YOU SEE, every unexpected thing carries within it a huge gift OF LIGHT.  It is carried as the energy of LOVE within each and every event we experience.  Our ability to find that light, recognize its presence, and to discern its purpose . . . is the difference between A CATASTROPHE - and A BLESSING.

The event is the same - it is you who perceives it differently.  This TRIO of sacred light energies comes to awaken within you . . . THE DEEPEST WISDOM you can now hold about . . . what has come.  Use them - wisely - reverently - abidingly.  For the wisdom they carry . . . is your own.


Which bless this holy trio of magical energies are:
They are . . . in a word, and, to a one . . . EXTRAORDINARY!   Each one holds a piece of the gift, helping is to thrive in THE DEEPEST WISDOM spirit has to offer . . . about that which surprises us, confounds us, and can sweep us off our center.  RETURN HOME through these 3 essences . . . they allow you to move quietly into a powerful, potent space . . . where all is well.

As - it ever - truly is.  SEEING THAT . . . KNOWING THAT . . . is our work when it eludes us.  These three special souls come to bear that gift.  It is yours . . . for the asking.

May BLESSED SURPRISES . . . touch your heart now in a brand new, enlightening way!





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