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#02 - "THE MAGIC OF LOVE" CLASS (a mini class)

#02 - "THE MAGIC OF LOVE" CLASS (a mini class)

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Beyond what we think love to be . . .
Lies an infinite pool of energy
Just waiting for us.
 * * *
Isn't it about time . . .
We learned to orchestrate our own lives
To truly and deeply reflect THE MAGIC OF LOVE?


 This class is a beautiful thing.  As are you.  It comes to inquire something:  ARE YOU TRULY LIVING YOUR MOST LOVING LIFE?

What does that mean?  First and foremost, it means . . . do you feel as if LOVE is the primary energy in your life?  In some way, in some form, in some presence - are you surrounded BY LOVE and its magic.

If you hesitate just a bit  - or want to say yes, but yearn for a deeper or greater presence of LOVE . . . then you are invited to OPEN A MAGICAL DOORWAY for allowing LOVE to take a deeper presence in your life.  Though, likely, it means different things to each of us - LOVE is truly simply a PURE ENERGY.  Something which is infinite - eternal - and, believe it or not, easy to create.

How?  By reflecting it all around you.  By amplifying it everywhere you go.  And by understanding how it TRULY WORKS . . . what forms it TAKES in our lives and why.

You see, LOVE is THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY of creation.  And it holds all the elements of creation within it.  If you want something to appear - LOVE IT.  If you want something to transform - LOVE IT.  If you want to create something - LOVE IT.  While this is deeply opposite to most approaches in our human lives, this class comes - with a wink and a sigh - to add a new sparkle to THE LOVE in your life.

Our class is playful - and meaningful.  But most importantly, it invites you to truly open your heart to SOME BRAND NEW ENERGIES OF LOVE.  They're powerful - they're potent - they're enchanting.  And they're all up to you.

If you want a little more LOVE in your life, if you truly want LOVE to be the defining energy touching your days . . . come play with us.  We know a lot about love.  But more imortantly, LOVE has WISELY taught us A LOT about itself.  And we're here to share the fun, the magic, and the joy with you.

This class gives you A Glimpse (1 month) into some powerful choices and wisdoms about love.   Let's begin!

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