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#01 - "THE JOY OF DEATH" CLASS (a mini class)

#01 - "THE JOY OF DEATH" CLASS (a mini class)

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I know . . . you've got to be thinking . . .
What ? ! ? ! ?
:- ) 


Odd title, I know.  Right?

We have the joy of sex, the joy of cooking, the joy of skydiving, the joy of childrearing . . . oh my, we have how-to manuals (idiot guides and otherwise) for nearly everything.

But do we truly ever see - think of - or embrace DEATH as an expression of JOY?  Not usually.  In fact, we are, as a species, the most committed to NOT DYING.

And yet . . . it is one of our most sacred journeys, for ourselves or to take with another. 

So let me tell you first, and foremost, that LIFE IS SACRED.  To me.  In the pathway of Light.  IN ONENESS.  But this is not a class for you about DYING.  It is - truly - when all is said and done . . . a class about LIVING.  About LIVING TRULY.  FULLY.  WHOLLY!

You may never know the full majesty - and magic - a simple, ordinary human life can hold . . . until you TRULY understand and begin to embrace: THE JOY OF DEATH.  Take a deep breath (giggle*giggle) . . . and hear me out :- ), if you can.

This is a class for those of you for whom DEATH - in whatever form - IS A TRIGGER.  It touches you, or craters you, or haunts you . . . in some emotional or deep way when it presents itself to you in your life.  DEATH is all around us - if we are aware and have our eyes open, if we are connected to the world and to life around us, if we don't block it out.  For those of you whom death touches in special, deep ways - if it sends you into a tailspin or knocks you off your center - this class is all about accepting THE INVITATION to meet death on another level, and to come to see it in a new, more expanded - and perhaps more harmonious (for you) - way.

This is not a religious class - all faiths and beliefs, or non-beliefs :- ), have their own space of wisdom.  This is about humanity - each of us - standing on our own, without creed or formulary of what death is or might be as others have come to know it, if we but do this or do not do that.  This is about opening our eyes and our hearts . . .and taking another look . . . to see what else might be true for us, if we but look with an open heart.  One not twisted into a knot, or held within, OUR FEAR.

OUR CLASS is about THE ESSENCE (or soul) of you . . . and ITS UNIQUE KNOWING of what we call death.  By understanding the true nature of the energy of death from our center - from the essence of our Being - we see and find a joy that is illusive in our human-mind selves.

If you let go of the forever, endless dichotomy of the mind's structure, you find there is a truer, deeper, wiser intellectual source of being within you.  And it is THIS WISDOM which we will be discovering and exploring - and, if you choose, embracing for yourself - in this class.

What you believe is up to you.  Isn't it time to truly DO THAT CONSCIOUSLY?  Would you rather think of, and see, DEATH as a feared thing . . . or a beautiful one?  You can't escape it - it's around us all, all the time.

*   *   *

What if . . .

we tapped into its WHOLENESS, its WISDOM, its SACRED PRESENCE . . . and let that knowing and discovery ILLUMINATE our living????

What if . . . we allowed THE MAGIC and MIRACLE of who we truly are  . . .  to infinitely inform our own daily lives?

What if . . . we are all being given a choice in every moment . . . to either expand and accept more beauty and joy into our life . . . or to receive less?

What if . . .DEATH holds a visionary element that, when we see it on its terms, POWERFULLY ILLUMINATES THE LIVING OF THIS LIFE WE NOW HOLD?

   *   *   *

Believe it or not :- ), death is a wonderful energy to explore.  Our grief, our sorrow, our heartbreak . . . they do not come to destroy us.  Rather, they come . . . if we are but willing . . . to escort us into a deeper, truer, knowing of something about life and our own selves.  Something . . . the knowing of which - changes us.  Forever.

This class is for you - if you're ready to step out of your fear JUST FOR A MOMENT - and touch on a subject that likely has impacted you like a meteor in some way, at some point.  It's time to stop sinking deeper into the gloom and despair each time death comes into view around you.

The choice is yours.  All darkness holds light.  DEATH is no different.

I promise you this:  you will never, ever see DEATH - or yourself - or your life - in the same way, after taking this class.  And isn't that a wondrous thing?  TO TRANSFORM of your own accord, through your own actions, rather than through an event hoisted on you SEEMINGLY against your will?

I say yes.  DEATH is now my friend.  Know why?  Because it gave me some wonderful gifts . . . that made the living of my life that much more magical and joyful.

DEATH can give you a JOY that you have perhaps not experienced before - if you are but willing to dance in its presence, get to know it in a new way.

I have.  And I can tell you this:  my life has never been so joyful and full of life as it is right now.  This very moment.

That is a gift DEATH gave to me.  The choice is yours now . . . if you wish, and are ready, to do the same.  To accept the invitation to GET TO KNOW DEATH - just for a moment - in a new way.

This class is one of our ENCHANTING family of classes.  It's not deep, it's not intensive, it's not long and it's just A GLIMPSE or A TOUCH.  A SPARK of a much deeper magical truth of light.  But it is MORE than enough to ask you some questions and begin opening your mind to contemplate some of your heart's deeper wisdoms.

This class is dedicated to all those I have loved and adored who are now gone.  And to all those I never knew, whose death caused me still to lose myself in their loss.  But it is MOSTLY dedicated to a trio of deer in my life who reached out to me and said . . . we have something to say . . . can you help us teach something new and wondrous to those who love us?

I said yes. :- )

Now the choice is up to you.

A 1-month, 4-week "GLIMPSE OF LIGHT" online class:

Which offers just a glimpse, the beginnnings of opening to a new wisdom about life and creation, and the wisdoms death can offer to illuminate those things for ourselves.

So what IS the secret to . . . THE JOY OF DEATH CLASS?


I will go ahead and tell you! 
It is this:  LOVE!

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