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The Beckoning Light

The Beckoning Light

$ 177.00

Do you know . . . what A BEACON is?

It guides - it illuminates - it shines brighter than anything nearby.

It holds within its beam the gifts of CLARITY, CLEAR DIRECTION and something deeply precious - ILLUMINATION that allows you to see your own way forward.

This is that gift.  Offered by request, for those who wish to have A BRIGHT ILLUMINATING LIGHT accompany them on their journey.  I believe you can hear your soul and spirit perfectly.  I know you have all you need inside of you.  IF you are uncertain of those two things ;- ), then perhaps this offering is just for you.

I have resisted offering this, in my way, because I believe we all have the most perfect guidance system of all within us.  That said, I so often seem to be THAT SAME GUIDING LIGHT for those I love, in those times and depths of expansion (or turmoil) when they think they are struggling to hear purely, see clearly and fathom the depths of their own inner and brightest wisdom. 

I was encouraged (and I am using that word LIGHTLY :- ) as it felt much more like something so much stronger than that :- )) . . . by some who have received this very offering the past ten to twenty years from me, as a gift and blessing of our friendship, as who I truly am.  Given freely, I always enjoyed these moments of searing clarity and ILLUMINATING BRILLIANCE coming forward from the depths of ONENESS.  I, personally, am always in AWE OF IT - its power, its perception, its knowing, its brilliance - its LIGHT.  In a word, the power of PURE FLOWING LOVE.

So now, even those who were not a part of my world before, can choose that same gift.  These will be offered on a limited basis and only for certain times of the year.  They are one-on-one, individual, spirit-filled "accompaniment" for the journey before you.  As we expand, raise our vibration, and live ever more truly as WHO WE TRULY ARE IN OUR CENTER, the depths of that LIGHT can sometimes take us on quite a spiral of a path.  If you choose HIGH LIGHT illumination during those times, this is a gift for you.

Choose your option from the drop down menu to select what works best and feels right for you.

WEEKLY ILLUMINATIONS - 1 hour per week for 12 weeks at $177 per week.(this will total $2124 for 12 weeks, and gives you 3 months of guidance and illumination; you pay as you go, when you're ready to receive your next ILLUMINATION)

MONTHLY ILLUMINATIONS - 1 to1.5 hours per month for 6 months at $222 per month. (this will total $1332 for 6 months, and gives you 6 monthly illuminations; you pay as you go when you are ready to receive your next ILLUMINATION)

QUARTERLY ILLUMINATIONS - 2 hours per quarter for 9 months (3 quarters) at $444 per quarter (this will total $1332 for 9 months/3 quarters, and gives you 3 quarterly illuminations over a 9 month period, 1 per quarter;  you pay as you go when you are ready to receive your next ILLUMINATION.)

It works like this.

When it is time and you are ready to receive your ILLUMINATION, you do two things.  First, you click into our shoppe and purchase your regular weekly, monthly or quarterly illumination from the drop-down menu above.  Second, you then send me an email telling me what you most seek to know or fathom or are finding a challenge along your path at that particular time. 

Once those two things are complete, then I will, from a space of ONENESS, connect with all the LIGHT of your heart, your path, your guides, AND ONENESS.  Then either a long, spirit-filled email; a personal and private video conversation; or occasionally a one-on-one phone chat or video chat will be created - and either sent to you (email and video) when complete, or a time arranged (chat).

This allows us to focus on what you MOST ARE SEARCHING TO KNOW, STRUGGLING TO SEE, or HOPE TO FATHOM in each week, month, or quarter as your JOURNEY OF LIGHT expands.  These are deep and soulful ILLUMINATIONS.  They are powerful and potent and loving.  They are, in a word, LIGHT FROM THE CENTER OF ONENESS.

And they will guide you forward from that point in time, you choosing how and when and if you wish to incorporate the wisdom given.  Should you ever need more than your chosen schedule of illumination, you can simply click into this same listing and purchase another of the same kind, allowing you to double up if you find you need or want more deep wisdom for a particular time.



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