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"THE HEART'S MYSTERY . . . REVEALED" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"THE HEART'S MYSTERY . . . REVEALED" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Wait!  Don't we already - each of us - know this?  Isn't THE HEART's MYSTERY what we have already been blessed to discover as we journey through LIGHT into becoming OUR TRUEST SELVES . . . and approach the petals of ONENESS BEYOND?

Well.  In a word - NO.  We learn much - yes.  We transform greatly - indeed.  We get to know our heart, our soul, our light - and love - in ways that defy human thoughts and knowings and concepts.

But . . .  you see . . . there is more.  So much more.

THE DEPTHS OF THE TRUE MYSTERY OF OUR SACRED HEART . . . can only be revealed from - and within - the center of oneness.  As you grow closer to that magical space, something celestial - and wickedly magical - even maddening happens.  THE SACRED HEART begins its own true birth.  It begins . . . expanding in ways never before thought, or known!, to be possible.  Why?  Because LIGHT Is always expanding and ONENESS holds that as its one eternal constant.  THE TRUTH OF ITS TRUTH.  LOVE ALWAYS EXPANDS INTO HIGHER STATES OF BEING - HIGHER FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT.

So whatever you knew, whatever you learned, whatever was revealed along the way - PRECIOUS and SACRED TO YOU THOUGH IT SURELY MUST BE . . . is about to take quite a nosedive.  Not exactly shaken and thrown out.  More like stirred . . . to create a new graduating vortex of light that will, yes, indeed shift everything you thought you knew.  YES, even at the point so close to ONENESS where you can feel yourself almost there - almost stepping into its first folds of light.

There is a way to begin SEEING and KNOWING this greater depth and truth to your own SACRED HEART's MYSTERY - right here, right now, from where you are in the highest fields of LIGHT - yet still preparing to ENTER ONENESS in its fullness of frequency.  How?  You are close enough now to PEER INTO THE HEART OF ONENESS - and use it like a bright, shining mirror - to reflect to you that which you cannot yet see inside yourself.

This Essence - SACRED and POWERFUL - comes to be THE BRIDGE to that view.  Helping you to elongate your vision, clear up your trajectory of sight, and see deeply into THE SACRED HEART which will be yours IN ONENESS.  Why?  Why do it here - now - at the cusp of entering that field?

BECAUSE, in a word, IT IS SUCH A GIFT!  It is so compelling of a beautiful gift to have that illumination, that sight, that knowing . . . as you cross the threshold into ONENESS.  It clarifies for you the journey and your purpose for arriving there in ONENESS in the first place.  AND it does something more - it clears away - listen closely :- ) - it clears away all the debris of the vision and truth and knowing that got you here . . . but which will  not be helpful going forward.

She's powerful, this essence, in her ability to create potent and unbending alignment.

Try it.  You'll see.

You'll want - or need - nothing else.  Trust me . . . she's more than enough.  INDEED! :- )





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