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"THE FRONT PORCH MAGIC - HEARTS OF LIGHT" Portfolio (Video Collection)

"THE FRONT PORCH MAGIC - HEARTS OF LIGHT" Portfolio (Video Collection)

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A magical conversation between two friends . . .
Deep and soaring questions of the universe, the realm of Light,
And the power of the heart to transform us into Beings
Joyfully living our TRUEST LIFE.
Beautifully simple audio recordings made long ago . . . touch hearts still today.
Life is magical when we open ourselves to the invisible realm of LOVE.

Ready to be transformed?

We hope that our very special "FRONT PORCH MAGIC - HEARTS OF LIGHT"videos open your eyes so that you see your very own, seemingly ordinary life in a brand new, truly inspiring way!  How much magic, soulful wisdom and extraordinary gifts of the heart have YOU been missing???

If you are truly ready to DIVE IN fully - HEART, MIND & SOUL! - then I have set up a special PORTFOLIO that holds all the videos for this very sweet, transformative "FRONT PORCH MAGIC - HEARTS OF LIGHT" Collection.   It is tender and touching, vast and deep.

IT WILL BE INCLUDED AT A ZERO PRICE when you check out.  Once you complete the check out process - no payment required ;-) - a secure link will be provided to you.  The link will allow you to view and/or download all the videos in this collection.  Just click . . . and enjoy!

As ever . . .


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