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In truth, it is A CREATION that asked to come to be.

I did not actually choose it - I did not really want to do it.

I was not especially interested in offering it to you, you see.

Yet . . . this was not up to me.  This was not about ME.

This is . . . FOR YOU.

:- )

I sometimes have this little "INTERLUDE" - to call it something nice - with Spirit.  With My Soul.  With The Voice Of Wisdom and Light within me.  ONENESS asks a lot of us, or so it can seem, sometimes.  And yet, for all of our dithering, uncertainty, and back and forth inside our selves . . . we KNOW in our hearts it truly is THE WAY.
This listing came in one of those times.  Immersed in an ocean of new creations, all taking my breath away at their volume, their breadth and depth.  I could have constantly wondered - if I had had the time! - about their presence in the life of this single, solitary, SIMPLE. . . ONE SOUL given the great honor to create and to enact them here on earth.
Something more coming?  A SIGH.  I was not really dancing a happy dance about this one.
Why?  Well, likely, if you know me at all or have been here in my world a while, you know why.  Because I just believe . . . you truly can do this all on your own.  You don't need another.  You don't need me.
And yet, these magical, soulful, wondrously authentic creations keep coming - TO OFFER TO YOU.  Yes, there's magic hidden in what we think we need - or don't.  :- )  As I find out, for myself, every single day.
So this listing created itself - as, truthfully, they all do.  But this one was adamant that it was NEEDED.  YOU WANT IT.  YOU NEED IT.  YOU EXPECT IT TO BE HERE, ready and waiting for you, when you are.  Are ready, that is.  SO HERE YOU GO!  Who am I to stand in the way of your soul's co-creations with my own spirit?  Silly me . . . !
What is THE FOLLOWING, after all?
As it described itself to me, it is this: 
"Mandy, you have visions to record - and to share - in a new way.  Creating A VIDEO of what they mean, and their inner calling to the world.  A CLASS of sorts . . . called "THE FOLLOWING".  Which is simply THE LIGHT FLOWING THAT WEEK:  The Leading Edge of Light. 
It might be AN ESSENCE, A WISDOM, AN INVITATION FROM SPIRIT - but they all begin with . . . A SACRED VISION.
There's more.  But this will tell you all you need to know.
Is it for you?  Well, it is being offered to ALL - to the whole world.  You will know if you CHOOSE to be a part of this creation.  "THE LEADING EDGE OF LIGHT".  That IS  a potent place.  A Sacred Space.  A place of true creation.  If you are here to CHANGE THE WORLD, let me tell you something.  It will only come THROUGH YOU.  And by that I mean this:  THROUGH YOU CHANGING YOUR LIFE.  And the reflection of that then ignites all that will come to be.
This is a class, I suppose . . . we can call it that.  But MOSTLY it is about A CONTINUAL WATERFALL OF SPARKLING LIGHT.  Here for you - if you choose.
Blessings Of Love & Light & Magic.
All 3 of these are . . . THE TRUTH OF YOU!

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