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FOUND! (THIS FAIRY HAS A NEW HOME) - The First Light * Creation Fairy

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Well, I can hardly say what happened.  I'd tell you . . . if I could.  But I can't.

One day, I was overtaken.  By what, you might well ask.  Was it madness, was it silliness, was it outside of my plan?  Perhaps, in retrospect, it had a shimmer of all three! :- )

But in truth, i was sitting at my table, where I was WAITING - AND WAITING - AND WAITING - for months on end, I kid you not . . . for MY FAIRIES TO BEGIN.  I had gathered materials for months, ok I'll say it, for years.  AND YEARS!  And still I had no idea quite what they were for.  And I surely had no THOUGHT OF HOW THEY WOULD COME TO BE.  NO plan, NO pattern, NO research.  Just a big pool of THE UNKNOWN.  That is where I sat on this day.

And I will have you know, I sat there, once more, again - the next day.  And the next.  And the one after that.  So it might seem, at first, to any normal folk - that nothing had changed.

Ahhhh.  But you see - it had.

On this fateful day, though MY FAIRIES did not begin . . . something else came.  I say some*THING . . . because I quite literally for months had no idea what it was.  This was true for two reasons.  First, it stopped its creation for a big pause part way through.  And sat there for months, staring back it me - something I could make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE OF.  I had no idea what it was, what I had done or what it could ever hold a prayer of coming to be.  IT JUST . . .  WAS.

Months after, I picked it up one day and suddenly - yes, again - something came over me.  I was playing with something else, and before I knew it, I was being guided to do this and do that and - well, not having a plan or a clue, it all turned into one big mess.  I was soooo disappointed.

Then, the day after, I was about to put it away and it called to me.  Some finishing touches, please.  Touches of what?  For what purpose?  WHAT ARE YOU, after all!??!?!?!

No answers came, but I did this and did that as I felt the creation moving my hands.  And lo and behold, right before my very eyes - something wild and wooly did emerge.  Well, ok . . .  even something, dare I say, quite beautiful?  The finishing touches made it pretty -  yes.  But I still wasn't quite sure EXACTLY WHAT was there with me.

A few days later . . . I KNEW.  This precious creation was THE FAIRY OF CHAOS!

Now, before you go thinking, oh for HEAVEN's SAKES, we don't need more chaos . . . let me soothe you and say - yes, well, actually . . . we do!  You see modern, human chaos is born of many things.  But THE CHAOS OF CREATION holds only LOVE and LIGHT coursing through its veins.  It's potent though - powerful, too.  Because it holds no boundaries around itself or what comes after . . . it just swirls into presence whatever it most wants to create.

The Fairy Of Chaos had come . . . and I glimpsed her wise and sacred process as I did the things which allowed her to take form.  I grew to respect her wisdom - admire her depth of trust and faith - and something more.  Something . . . even magical . . . happened that day.  As I stood there looking at her, when she did then finally REVEAL HER TRUE SELF TO ME . . . I felt her become ONE with my own light.

And I have never since been the same!  She hangs in MY FAIRY TREE ROOM which is the studio of light where all my fairies and nests and woolen wonders of magical light birth.  Sometimes I think we have elves.  I know we have fairies, but I wonder if, like Santa . . . there are elves in there.  I swear, there are days when things just MIRACULOUSLY APPEAR nearly wholly formed.  It's a magical thing to witness, that.

THE FAIRY OF CHAOS is a CREATRIX.  She understands creating with LIGHT and THE MAGIC OF LOVE like no other.  She works in no other way.  So say goodbye to the rules, adieu to the forms things will take . . .oh, and well, time does not exist in her realm, so you might as well give up the thought of schedules or timeframes altogether.

She came to bless my space long before the fairies themselves began to take form.  And she did something else.  She elevated the energies in and around all my creations, so that when they finally did begin birthing . . . THEY WERE IN QUANTUM MODE.  Nothing stood in their way.  Nothing could interfere or intrude.  It was like a laser beam of creation light was present in my space . .  . and I was simply a part of ITS creation, which I witnessed in awe as it took form in my hands.

Now, wonder of wonders, that CREATION FAIRY is not a fairy in the usual sense of my creations.  As you have no doubt seen . . . mine float and are light as air, wisps of woven light and magic, that dangle in the air.  She is flat.  She hangs from a hook.  She is embedded in a diamond form of wool that really . . . creates a frame around her so that she is contained.  I kid you not, for the first several months of her life - nearly a year! - I had no idea what she was.

But . . . when the revelation finally came . . . when the truth was ever REVEALED - it was priceless!  TRUTH is like that . . . it makes everything - the chaos, the confusion, the doubt - worthwhile.

So today, as we near the eve for the release of our SHOP out into the world . . . she comes to bless this space.  And to offer to you a very special, magical, and potent creation.  For those of you who are . . . aligned with your soul and choosing to consciously LIVE YOUR TRUEST LIFE . . . that life will hold creations of light you cannot yet fathom or dream of.  Mine holds a whole universe of them!

If you would like your own CREATRIX OF LIGHT - your own GUARDIAN ANGEL FAIRY for THE CREATIONS OF YOUR LIFE WHICH YOUR SOUL IS ABOUT TO UNVEIL . . . then you may have one!  It will be different - this one is mine . . . and as you can see, she is not quite finished.  She's waiting yet for something to happen, to be ready to complete her background.  Yours will be the perfect expression of energies for you and your path!

But guess what?  Don't think of this as an ornament.  No, this is a fairy creation that holds light.  And YOUR GUARDIAN FAIRY OF CREATION . . . will focus all of her presence and energy there with you - into this woolen form.  This will help you to have something to look at and know she is there.  It will also help you to focus your attention on following her as your muse.   And it will do something more.  Placed in her chosen, sacred place - which she herself will reveal to you - she will be the matriarch for your most magical life yet.

Come.  Play in my world.  You will NOT BELIEVE . .  .the MAGIC, the MIRACLES, the BLESSINGS . . . mine has brought to me.  And she just told me to offer your own to you.  So I am, right here, right now.  A new creation listing is taking form.

Ohhh, yes, well . . . we have magic.  We behold it every day.  Do You?

I can only say this - with your own CREATION FAIRY OF CHAOS - you can't help but LIVE IN THE MAGIC.  Because it will be . . . all you see!

These take several weeks to create.  You can't hurry a fairy, so . . . practice wise patience.  But anticipation?  NOW THAT IS A LOVELY THING TO ENGAGE IN WHILE YOU WAIT! ! !

Fairy Blessings of All Creation to you!

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