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Do you live your life independently . . .

Or largely according to what science and human foundations

Tell you to?


At first, you might say no,

I live very independently, in thought and deed.

But look again.


Are you one of those people

Who have bought into the modern paradigm

Of what is good for you - true for you - healthy for you?

Do you ascribe to modern principles of what is healthy and what is wellness?

And do you ascribe to the modern obsession to do everything in your power

To look as thin or young or "perfect" as you possibly can,

From dyeing your hair to keeping your body lean and fit?


If so, it is sad but true . . .

That you have likely bought into



And the sad thing is this.

We each hold within us ALL THE WISDOM

Which our body and our life needs . . . to be its very best.

When we begin not to accept everything given to us as TRUTH,

But instead to turn within ourselves FIRST to discern what is right for us,

We flip the world we see - and modern beliefs - inside out.

And that is . . . A VERY GOOD THING!

As you will see.


So if your body is giving you fits these days,

Or your spiritual practice leaves something to be desired,

If your life feels just a little too neat and tidy or even formulaic

As you swallow whole every new, modern thing about how to live,

What to eat, what is good and what is not . . .

Take a breath.



Is hard at work trying to lead you to the highest path for you.

And in doing so, you truly do have to let go of . . .

Swallowing what everyone else says and does.




Can rise to the surface . . .

Just like CREAM!


Choosing to honor OUR OWN HIGHEST LIGHT means walking the path - with our physical bodies - and our physical lives . . . THAT OUR ESSENCE, OUR SOUL, OUR SPIRIT prescribes.

 And if you do so?  You uncover something truly powerful and rare.  Something that lives deep inside of you, but will never be found - nor released - by living your life by modern tenets of health or wealth or wellness.

It will transform your life to live this way.  But the very first step is this . . . to UNDERSTAND where you have perhaps been missing the mark.

TO SEE what your soul wants you to see and know . . . about what is BEST for you on this path.  EVEN BEST for YOUR MATERIAL BODY & PHYSICAL LIFE.

You cannot separate the two.  More importantly, if you ascribe to modern physical truths FIRST . . . you wholly block your inner ability to LEAD YOU HIGHER.

And believe me when I say . . . there is A LOT OF MAGIC and MIRACLE . . . waiting for you there.  If you will but go there.

So let's do!

This listing is for those of you who truly WISH to learn to EMPOWER the greatest power of LIGHT to live through your body - and your life.  Doing so transforms everything about yourself - from DNA to SOUL PATH, and everything in between.  But the first step on that most beautiful and empowering journey . . . is to LET GO of THE FALSE PROMISE of health and wellness, fitness and strength . . . which modern beliefs hold.

YOU are more than that.  And you cannot release your true inner power for everything from healing and wellness to magic and miracles . . . until you see and understand THE FALSE PROMISE which most humans ascribe to.  SEEING IT allows you to let go of it . . . and in its place A HIGHER and TRUER WISDOM from deep inside you is revealed.

And it is MORE than time to ignite this power in your life!  You'll be so happy you did!



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