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"THE EDGE" . . . Of Light

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Shocked and amazed!

Stunned and in awe!

What magic is this?


I was shocked and amazed at how this CLASS revealed itself.  It did so by having me create all of the vessel to hold it - to enact it - TO INVOKE IT . . . first.  Then I was stunned and in awe of how each element revealed itself, came together in such perfect and pure harmony - and revealed the creation to me as it did so.

My goodness.  What a day it has been here, as this powerful - potent - and life*igniting creation took hold.  And now it can be yours!

While traveling through this world, we often forget . . . there is MORE THERE to each moment than we usually bother to see - to feel - TO KNOW.  And yet, if we could see from the distance at the center of oneness . . . wow! . . . would we be ever amazed.

There, what we think is death . . . is birth.  What we see as holding new life is really a transformation of light.  What we think of as chaos is divine and sacred form about to take hold.  And what we think of as lost or gone is . . . well . . . hardly that.

This Class is simple - and beyond profound.  It begins in a powerful - yet fun - way.  We create four things.  Each of us.  When we do, we invoke parts of the creation.  When they are ready - you will be amazed at what you have allowed to take form before you.

This is a class not for the faint of heart.  It's not that you might be afraid.  It's that IT WILL RELEASE YOUR BOLDEST INNER POWER.  I almost . . . TRULY ALMOST . . . called this class THE BOLD IGNITION.  But it chose another name . . . :- ).

Let me tell you what will come, what this class holds, if you feel her beckoning to your heart.

First, she has a magical way of revealing herself.  You can take either a 3 month class that reveals simply the creations, the basic elements.  This is what she led me myself TO CREATE before she revealed the purpose and class to me.  Or, if you wish, you can take a 9 month class, which continues on for six months past the 3 month creation element.  During this time, we explore and discover how to work with,embody, and invoke the gifts and powers these creations come into form to hold for you.

In the first 3 months, we create sacred vessels for divine, soulful, cosmic energies.  In the six months completing the 9 month class, we then learn what each one means, what its purpose is and how it wishes you to honor, invoke, and then truly embody . . . that sacred presence in your own light.  At the end?  You will be a powerful, radiating COSMIC LIGHT that carries cosmic life force with you in a truly magical, sacred way.  A way that means it cannot be intruded upon - nor touched in any way outside of YOUR SOUL'S OWN LIGHT and SACRED WISH.

Ohhh, this is powerful, my friend.  Soooo sacredly, soulfully powerful.

The only question is:  ARE YOU READY to discover that power within you . . . YOUR OWN?

I say yes.  it's been a magical, powerful, earth-shattering and cosmic-expanding discovery for me . . . just making the creation elements the class asks us to make.  The rest that comes after?  PRICELESS.*

It Is Time.
Come, walk with me,
To The Edge of All You Know.
Here you will discover WHO YOU TRULY ARE.
ALL Of Who You Truly Are and Came To BE.
Your Divine Feminine Grace . . .
Awaits YOU here.
The Edge of Light
READY ? ! ?


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