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"THE DEEP ABYSS - A MAGICAL PLACE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"THE DEEP ABYSS - A MAGICAL PLACE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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What on earth?  Yes - it seems a title of dichotomies - I give you that.

Yet . . . it is the truest of truths you will likely ever know.

What we run from the hardest . . .. most often holds our most treasured gifts.  That which we fear the deepest . . . often reveals our truest powers.  Human nature can be such a conundrum - or so it might seem.  But that is true ONLY when we are perceiving our life and the world from the duality of physicality.  When you wrap it - just as it is, without changing it - in the sparkling field of light of ONENESS . . . it's a beautiful, richly tapestried, always wondrous . . .  thing.

Even - the abyss.  It will find you.  Somewhere along your journey in light, the deep abyss beckons.  If you don't answer - you will find yourself suddenly stumbling or falling into it unawares.  A truth of its nature - it, like Light, cannot be denied.  You will get there.  There's no other way.

When you find yourself in the folds of darkness deep in the unknown where every strength and every tool you've ever known is taken from you - no longer seems to work - or the field around you makes absolutely no sense . . . this essence is your true north.  THE LIGHT which is a beacon sent to guide you home.  And guide you she will.

I can't tell you much more than that.  Her work is magical.  Her secrets non-negotiable.  Her truths hair-raising and mind-bending.  She comes to elevate your knowing of both yourself and of LIGHT in some of the most mystical, magical and profound ways you can imagine - and some, I'm quite sure, you cannot.

Let's say this:  SHE IS THERE WHEN YOU FIND YOU NEED HER.  And she will ensure that you are ever grateful you made the journey . . . deep . . . into the abyss.  For on the other side you emerge with a knowledge and an experience you would trade nothing earthly for.  A NEW YOU.  THE REAL YOU.  THE TRUE YOU that your soul has been dying to become.  Enter the transformational elements of the abyss.  Allow her magic to touch you . . . be unafraid.  You have a celestial guide for the journey.  She takes the form of this very human-defying, mind-numbing essence.  Follow her light.  There's nothing more to say.  Because there's nothing more you will need.




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