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The Dark Heart . . . Glimmer #7<br>CRYSTAL GIFT OF LIGHT

The Dark Heart . . . Glimmer #7

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The Dark Heart came, and arrived,
In a most magical way. 
Stunning, actually!

Ever the guide of her own destiny - she came with a sacred purpose to fulfill, a magical creation to birth.  And something more.  She Came to begin the gift of a lifetime from THE CRYSTALS and THEIR HEART OF LIGHT . . . to us, the humans who share their world.

Or do we?  Have we honored them by listening with our whole heart?  Have we created a true connection by matching their highest vibrations of light with our own?  Have we gifted to them our fullest, truest presence of being . . . when they hoped to share with us their own?

We have not.  But . . . now you can!

This is the beginning of a most potent, powerful, and magical GIFT.  One they give to each of you . . . if you are willing to accept and embrace THEIR TRUTHS OF LIGHT.  The ones which glimmer and shimmer from THE CENTER OF THEIR HEART - in PURE ONENESS, PUREST LIGHT, DEEPEST LOVE.

Their gifts are offered as just that - a gift - for free.  Place the product in your cart at a price of $0, check out, and an access link will be yours immediately.  ENJOY!

This Creation is inspired by, created by, and gifted by . . .
And may you be
Blessed by their gifts!



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