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The Conservatory Of Light - And YOU

The Conservatory Of Light - And YOU

$ 111.00

Our Conservatory of Light is a magical place.  It holds all the pathways for opening into ONENESS - and more importantly - TO ALL OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

As BEINGS OF LIGHT in the physical realm, we live new truths - we vibrate in accordance with higher frequencies - and the rules of life are different as we expand.

In this space, we honor our truest, deepest being - OUR ESSENCE.  And as we do so, we expand beyond anything humans think or see as possible.  Yet - it is not only our birthright - it is our truest nature.

TO LIVE AS PURE LIGHT is to live as love.  Without fear.  It is as simple as that.  If your life reflects something less than that, then this is your time.  OUR CONSERVATORY OF LIGHT is a sacred space where your soul and essence - your highest light - connects with the truest and deepest wisdoms from all the realms of light . . . and presents it in such a way that you can then begin living these new truths in your life.  AS WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

It's magical.  It's potent.  It's powerful.  And it is the quickest, most direct path to living YOUR DESTINY.

To enroll in our CONSERVATORY OF LIGHT, begin by adding the first month to your cart above.  This enrolls you in an open-ended program which makes available to you the truths and frequencies of light which are opening in that month - to be discovered, to be explored, to be embodied.  Each month, you choose to continue simply by purchasing the next month.  Each week, a compelling or whimsical truth of light will then be shared with you - designed to spark your expansion, open your inner doorways, and provide the beacon of light your soul requests be presented so that YOU can wade ever deeper into all that you truly are.

This is about opening to - and awakening within - your deepest and truest power.  THAT OF LOVE.  THAT OF PURE LIGHT.  That of living without fear.

We're honored to bring you this very special opening to what our friends call THE SCHOOL OF LIGHT.  Taught by magical beings, guided by your soul, and created within the highest frequencies of pure light - ONENESS brings us all face to face with our destiny.

And - really - isn't that why we are all here?  Is there anything else more important at this time to your soul?  I think not.  The question is . . . are you ready to dedicate yourself to creating THE LIFE which is your soul's truest bliss.  We are.  And we are here to ILLUMINATE that path in some truly spectacular, and soulful, ways - for each of you.

Click and join.  And watch as magic unfolds in your daily life in some amazing ways.  For roughly $25 per week . . . you are enrolled in a sacred path, with guide and mentor, that your soul creates just for you.  What could be worth more to any of us?

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