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This Essence has an omnipotent purpose.  It is this:  TO HIGHLIGHT, ILLUMINATE, and GUIDE YOU FORWARD to meet that moment when your soul truly beckons you right before you step into ONENESS.  It's a potent time.  The transformations to that point will have been ongoing and powerful.  Yet - there's always something just beyond the veil which you haven't quite reached - seen - known.

That's the moment when this essence is called forth.  She comes as a gift for TRULY HONING THEY SOULFUL PURPOSE - the truest one which your soul came to give beyond all else.  Here's the thing . . . as we journey into LIGHT, we often get glimpses of that purpose.  Sometimes we even see and receive the entire blueprint.  BUT THERE IS A CAVEAT - we can only receive to the highest vibration we can hold.  UNTIL YOU ARE STANDING SQUARELY - and FULLY - and STRONGLY . .  .in the heart of oneness as you peer deeply into your soul's true calling . . . it cannot be wholly known.  More importantly - it can change.

And that's the thing which can drive us all mad.  You receive - you follow - you grow and step into the vision and the knowing of who you came to be and your soul's gifts and destinies to fulfill.  And yet - as you grow closer to moving INTO ONENESS . . . there is a dissonance.  And you can't figure out why.  It's maddening!  But it's there because YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT ALL AS IT TRULY IS - yet.  You've seen what you could receive.  But there is more to be known.

And you'd best get on with it :- ), so that every step from here forward is in most perfect alignment with this as-yet-not-completely revealed . . . DESTINY.  YOU THINK YOU KNOW - watch out for that.  Truly - do.  Because your soul is about to change the game.  Because you are only now reaching the space where you can see how the dots connects - and, more importantly, how what you saw before most likely is actually A BIT DIFFERENT THAN YOU THOUGHT.

This Sacred Essence comes to amplify the voice - and the vision - of your soul's one truest and deepest calling.  IT IS ONLY EVER revealed from THE HEART OFONENESS.  She comes to bridge the gap, skirt the divide, and allow you to know it as you enter into the fields of light which are the vibrations within which you will live - and meet - that destiny.

She is potent.  She is proud.  She is undeniable.  And she does not care one single wink about what you have received before about your purpose or destiny - not even about what you think you know.  HER ALIGNMENT IS PURELY TO THAT OF YOUR ESSENCE - and its deepest calling.

Why is she here?  TO BE SURE YOU HEAR!  Because this voice is rarely revealed in a vision nor in a state of deep meditation.  It comes in another way.  And it is . . . undeniable.  What you have received to this point has likely all been true.  But there are nuances and curves to the truth which change everything.  THIS ESSENCE comes to guide you into a very slow dance of revealing them to yourself - in a gradual and very special way.  A way that leaves you changed - forever more.  And a way that gives YOUR SOUL'S TRUEST CALLING CLEAR VOICE.  So that there is no doubt.

Believe me when I say this:  she is worth her weight in gold.  Because entering ONENESS and finding out your path is not quite what you thought . . . causes a ripple that is - indeed - far reaching.  THE TRUEST CALLING OF YOUR SOUL CANNOT BE DENIED.  This essence comes to amplify it within you so that your knowing of it - is crisp - clear - pure - and profound.

She's amazing!  As are you!  Enjoy . . .



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