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Oh My!

Do you know . . .

That something is quite literally -



Something wants

To be known and to be heard, yes,

But more importantly . . . needs TO BE HONORED.

Are you feeling as if YOUR ESSENCE is saying

It's time to choose - or let go?


Perhaps you

Have even heard the message . . .

 "Your Gifts are Waiting.

And this is not the path that will

Bring them forward into the world in the highest way."


If so, then you are facing a most powerful and Soulful Time.

This is a place on our Soul Path where OUR ESSENCE

Puts on the brakes and says . . . no more.

We are not moving forward until

You Answer ME . . .

The Calling!


The Calling is a powerful and magical space.  Even so, it can utterly confound our human selves.  We can strive to live our highest path and to be who we truly are . . . but when OUR SOUL issues THE CALLING we are put on notice - it's now or never.  And WE have to choose.

Now, the issue here is not our desire.  The issue here is this:  Are we willing to TRULY KNOW what OUR ESSENCE is ready to unfold - OUR TRUEST DESTINY OF LIGHT?  And then, to choose it as our own?

THE CALLING is rarely what we think we're here to do or be or become.  And . . . surprise! . . . it is almost certainly RARELY what we are currently doing with our lives.  No matter how deeply we have been guided by our Inner Voice of Spirit and Wisdom to this very point . . . things are about to change.  Why?

Because THE CALLING is such a potent and sacred event.  Souls live many lifetimes sometimes before they answer and acknowledge THEIR TRUE CALLING.  And, in truth, sometimes we do not want to get into the details of it.  But if you are feeling THIS SENSE . . . that you are suspended in your life BECAUSE you are missing something, not getting something, or perhaps NOT ABLE TO TRULY HEAR THE CALLING - it's time to get help.

Why?  Because THAT SENSE, THAT VOICE inside you is going to keep growing more and more powerfully insistent.  These are huge shifts called forth in our lives.  And get this!  They are coming whether we open our awareness and move onto the path - OR NOT.

YOUR ESSENCE is going to call forth the highest events for your life path - no matter whether you want them, choose them, or wish to move through them consciously and with awarenesss.  They are coming.  And they will transform you.  That part is not up for discussion.

What IS calling out to you is this . . . YOUR ESSENCE saying . . . It Is Time.  And It Is Time For YOU TO KNOW.  To know more of who you truly are.  And to know more of your own DESTINY OF LIGHT.

I suggest you answer THE CALL.  If you are not hearing it clearly, know it is swirling around you and inside you, but you just can't quite see it or put your finger on what it wishes to reveal . . . this listing is for you.

And THE SOONER, THE BETTER . . . I'd say!!!



Include any notes you like - about what you seek, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with the details for moving forward into YOUR MAGICAL CALLING.


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