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#05 - "THE BLOOM OF PURE LIGHT'S MAGIC" CLASS (a mini class)

#05 - "THE BLOOM OF PURE LIGHT'S MAGIC" CLASS (a mini class)

$ 111.00
This class came about by PURE MAGIC.
And I mean that in the truest of ways.
It came . . . it called . . . 
It then asked to be revealed.
Spirit and Love and Light work that way.
And we listen . . .
:- ) 


It is beyond my ability to tell you how this precious, beautiful class came about.

I was contemplating - all day - something that just keeps returning to the surface of my life.  I NOTICE IT.  I HEAR ITS SPIRIT CALLING.  I suspect . . . it is soon going to BE A ROAR.  If you don't know what that means, not to worry.  It's still coming . . .  :- )

This thing that keeps gnawing at me - deeply - is this: 

BEAUTY - and WISDOM - are deeply entwined things.  And yet, our world, our society, seems to not really know how to value the true presence of either of these.

But what came to me, in a swoosh of Light, is this:  everyone can SEE the beauty of a rose.  Her many-petaled, magically shaped form just dancing before our eyes, asking us to gaze upon her in breathless wonder - at the perfection, at the beauty, at the stunning display of creation spirit which she embodies.  And WE DO!

But there is something even MORE beautiful - even MORE precious - even MORE stunning . . . about this creature.  We think we KNOW the rose.  We recognize her form - both the wild and free spirit of the seaside roses that live only at the shore, refusing to be beaten by harsh elements and brutal winds.  She smiles and dances in their unrelenting presence, saying throw me more . . . I'll just thrive.   And the couture version, her sister, the hybrid tea rose.  Elegant, refined, sensitive (if not downright touchy) . . . she is oft pampered and surrounded by a perfect recipe of elements in order to coax her true perfection to take form for you in your garden.

But really . . . the TRUE BEAUTY of the rose, it seems to me, lies beyond either of these.  IT LIES IN HER WISDOM.  She is wise beyond what we see or think, when we gaze upon her with human eyes.

It seems to me that she is WISE in a sacred way.  A deep, devoted way.  A creatrix way.  She knows . . . that you will adore her when she buds.  Who could not?  Those tiny, tightly tucked treasures of blooms not yet willing to reveal themselves . . . we wait for her to unfurl her petals and bless us, delight us, enrapture us with . . . her beauty on full display.  And she does.

She blooms and blossoms and her color, her magnificence, her PRESENCE is one of the most beautifully stunning displays in our world.  We take in her breathtaking beauty . . . and we are touched.

But . . . there is more to her.  She holds a wisdom we oft never see.  Never touch.  Never know.  Even while in the bud, even while in the glory of her blossoming . . . she knows that she will fade.  She knows there is a perfection to this cycle of her growth and her presence, and as enchanted as you may be with her as bud or bloom . . . not many truly see her with the same eyes after that blush has seemingly faded.

And yet . . . here is her deeply spiritual secret.  SHE KNOWS what is coming, even while she blossoms and glows.  AND SHE KNOWS that her presence is going to transform and change.  AND SHE KNOWS, being a human of physical focus, you will likely not see her in the same way.  And she feels sad.

Not for her.  FOR YOU! 


Because, by thinking that way, you will miss ALL THE MAGIC.  THE PUREST MAGIC comes when you think it is not there.  When you think the moment has passed.  SHE herself, THIS MAGICAL ROSE, understands that her true beauty comes from within her . . . from the light that she holds . . . and THE WISDOM she carries.  And its secrets and magic are rarely seen, known, and hardly celebrated, by humans.

But if they were . . . YOU YOURSELF would see your own form quite differently.  And you would begin to truly TREASURE AND CHERISH the inner, wisest parts of you.  You would value them above all else.  And you would come to watch as the magic which lies in YOUR SOUL'S TRUE BEAUTY . . . takes form when you thought you were past your prime time.

This class is for anyone, of any age.  So don't get caught up in THE YEARS.  Rather, think about this:  do you wake up every single morning FEELING YOUR OWN BEAUTY and GRACE?  Do you open your eyes with a deep and touching GRATITUDE for the powerful wisdom that is your inner world?  Do you . . . look into your image in the mirror - and smile the sweetest and biggest smile - happy and joyful at THE LIGHT in the visage which gazes back at you?  DO YOU?

I do.  And I can tell you - without a doubt - that if you are having any other kind of "relationship" or "response" or "conversation" with the image you see when you gaze into a mirror, or catch a glimpse of yourself as you walk by . . . then this class is for you.

It won't redefine YOUR FORM.  Rather, it will present some very powerful and magical ways of learning to truly BE THE ROSE THAT YOU ARE.  To own that light within you - especially in regard to - how YOU see YOURSELF.  Your body.  Your form.  Your beauty. 

WISDOM.  It's a beautiful thing.  Interestingly . . . THE ROSE knows something even more compelling.  TRUE BEAUTY - lasting beauty - compelling and magical beauty . . . has nothing whatsoever to do with your genetic presentation.  It has everything to do with this:  LIVING WISDOM.  Are YOU living the wisdom of your soul or essence?  If you are . . . YOUR INNER LIGHT will create a striking presentation of beauty within you.  SOMETHING you see - feel - celebrate . . . every time you see your own reflection.

I'm not kidding.  I am madly serious!  The question is . . . are you ready to truly SEE your own INNER LIGHT?  Are you ready to truly EMBRACE and CELEBRATE your own natural beauty?

If so, join us.  This is a fun, engaging, and introductory class.  THE BEAUTY OF SPIRIT LIVING IN YOU is a whole, deep body of wisdom.  We're not going there, but we will touch on some of its most basic truths and gifts.

Why not give YOURSELF the gift of . . . TRUE BEAUTY.  Smiling with joy and happiness every time you see yourself in a mirror.  Wisdom?  OH YES.  Magic?  That too.  Discovery of something you wish you'd known your whole life?  Probably so  . . . :- )


This is a month long class which offers just a glimpse, the first beginnnings of opening to a new wisdom about life, truth, beauty - AND YOU!


Finding our true beauty? 

Surely, that is a priceless thing. 

A Discovery ever worth making.

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