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"THE 1st TRUTHS OF LIGHT" Portfolio (Video Collection)

"THE 1st TRUTHS OF LIGHT" Portfolio (Video Collection)

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It began with the tiniest of whispers. Simple and tender SEEDS OF LIGHT were planted in my heart. Over time, they grew and blossomed, and in the process every part of me - body, mind, heart, and soul - was transformed.

They are yours now, too - for the taking!
May you be . . . BLESSED. May you be . . . TRANSFORMED.

May you be . . . PURE LIGHT!

If you are truly ready to DIVE IN fully - HEART, MIND & SOUL! - then I have set up a special PORTFOLIO that holds all the videos for the "1st TRUTHS OF LIGHT" Collection.   They are simple yet profound - inspiring yet powerful.

THE PORTFOLIO COLLECTION of the "1st TRUTHS OF LIGHT" . . . allows you to watch the entire collection of videos on a secure site and/or download each of the videos, all in one place.  This PORTFOLIO holds the entire collection of videos from the original class.


To choose the collection, just click on the item below and add it to your cart - it will be included at a zero price. Complete the check out process - no payment required - and an access link is provided to you.  Just click, and enjoy the video!
Enjoy my very first, earliest videos. 
They are THE SEED which began birthing
Our very sacred, very magical . . . SCHOOLS OF LIGHT!

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