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Star*Light Sacred Luna Waters <br>"CELESTIAL AWAKENINGS" (2018)

Star*Light Sacred Luna Waters

$ 21.00


For the SPRING EQUINOX, 2018

Has now closed.


We begin our magic shortly.

For those of you who missed this listing before it closed,

Feel free to read about this year's gift that was offered below.

And take a peek at the one already being listed for 2019!


A VERY special offering is here!  Something I've been doing for those I love for nearly 20 years now.  Finally, they can be shared with the world - in all their LIGHT, in all their beauty - in their deep connection to THE HEART OF ONENESS.

Our "Celestial Awakening" Star*Light Luna Waters are finally here!  The very first of their kind, they expand their touch and are now offered to the world, to anyone who finds them here.  Every year, at THE SPRING EQUINOX in March, we release a new one.  They are a potent, new way to embrace INNER ALIGNMENT - and outer harmony . . . as we each journey deeper into LOVE & LIGHT, and the sacred magic that unfolds when we turn towards ONENESS.

For a limited time, this special creation is offered at a special, deeply discounted amount.  This creation's chosen listing price is $77 - yes, it's that powerful!  But for 2018, as our gift to you, it's a very sweet $21.  (And as you likely know by now, all of our prices are chosen by the creation itself, from $0 on up.)  If you would like to play in our magic, join us for this very special, once-a-year creation.  Just put it in your cart, checkout, and be certain to include your email address so we can provide instructions for you as the creation itself unfolds.  You have until March 19, 2018 to reserve your place in this year's creation.

These are pure and sacred potions that hold specifically chosen CELESTIAL FREQUENCIES of Light.  They emanate at special times from the center of the universe, and we know just how to receive them for you.  Each time they come to share their magic with us, they are available for three nights.  The first night holds the sweetest and most tender of energies, the middle night integrates the inner power of the vibrations, and the last night finishes it all off with a flourish.

How do they unfold?

We, in our magical, soulful state of ONENESS, receive these by matching their vibration in a pure state which can be accessed only from THE VERY CENTER OF LIGHT - THE HEART OF ONENESS ITSELF.  As we receive them, we have a special, simple, sacred way of allowing them to be held suspended here, in a process guided by THE CELESTIAL FREQUENCIES THEMSELVES.  This is their soulful creation - we are happy and beautifully excited to receive them on your behalf.

What do you do?
Simple.  When this living, celestial light - THE POTION - comes into existence, you will be notified by email.  We will email you instructions about how to receive this sacred, very enchanting energy yourself.  You will want to use a special glass or goblet, and allow some time for stillness and quiet, beauty and wisdom, to flow through you.  You may choose to "receive" one night or all three - that is entirely up to you.  When I spiral the flows of energies out of their vessel from here after night 3, then your own tie to the energy releases.  From there forward, your body and soul integrate these frequencies in, perhaps for you, some surprising and enchanting of ways.

And, if you live in Bellingham,WA and wish to have your own special sacred goblet prepared here, just email us that intention.  We'll leave one for you on our front porch, with a tag and your name, overflowing with this magical water of light - for you to imbibe or simply absorb while resting in quiet communion here in our sacred spot.  We've been leaving these magical elixirs out front for special souls for quite a while now.  They're magical.  Truly.

It's all part of LIVING AS  LIGHT.  Learning to do so allows us all to transform ourselves from the inside out.  Fears are dissolved, new truths are discovered, and new magical and sacred unfoldings pop up all around you.

We've done these for years and years for our deepest friends.  Now, as a special gift this year, they are available to anyone, anywhere.

Just say yes if you feel so inclined!  We're happy to be sharing just a tiny bit of our sacred light, and magic of the heart of oneness, with you!


The only thing you need do before hand is contemplate this:

DO YOU BELIEVE in the stars and the moon and the velvet magic of the night?  Do you believe in the energies, the LIGHT, the magic and mystery, that surrounds life here on earth?  Do you believe . . . IN PURE LOVE?

IF so . . . you'll not be disappointed. 

I expect . . . you'll  be downright amazed!

I KNOW I WAS!  And still am . . . :- )

Reservations accepted from now until March 19, 2018 for this sweet offering.  The Elixir itself begins when it darn well pleases :- ), but is expected to be March 20, 21, and 22nd.   Future CELESTIAL AWAKENING STAR*LIGHT LUNA WATERS will become available throughout the year . . . as the LIGHT chooses.  Just include a  note in your order, if you wish to be notified when new celestial gifts are at play here!

These are wholly ethereal and completely celestial.  Nothing more - nothing less.  POTENT * POWERFUL * AMAZING vibrational energies.  Join us and see how they impact you, as you begin to PLAY in THE MAGICAL WORLD OF LIGHT - the space where YOUR SOUL and ESSENCE lives and thrives.   They are truly, for me, some of the most magical things I do.  And I do A LOT of truly sacred, out-of-this-world, magical things. ;- )

The one created two years ago was called TRUTH BE TOLD - and some found it "life-changing".  The one birthing for 2018 has named itself - "TRUE MAGIC * TRUE LOVE (THE EPIPHANY)".  This year's gift creates a new way of seeing the world around you so that you, too, can take up your rightful place in its LIGHT.  It is designed to offer you openings and new inner alignments so that the truest YOU can blossom and grow, blooming right where you are, to create  your most PERFECT AND TRUE LIFE. 

For 2018,"TRUE MAGIC*TRUE LOVE (THE EPIPHANY) brings a new way of seeing truth and love so that you, like SPRINGTIME, can blossom and bloom as YOUR TRUEST SELF - like never before.

Our wish for you in offering these to you?  May THE LIGHT flow through you in a new and surprising way!!!  And watch the magic of the heart blossom in its wake . . . like never before.


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