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Star*Dust Luna Water - Sequence 2

Star*Dust Luna Water - Sequence 2

$ 33.00

If you have already had the enchanting gift of being touched by our STAR*DUST LUNA WATER . . . this is a new version of the same.  Created expressly for those of you who have made the magical journey through a 21 DAY PERIOD of  our STAR*DUST luna water gifts and blessings, this is an expansion on the original - available only to those who have completed at least one cycle of the original STAR*DUST LUNA WATER listing.

This one takes what flowed through you previously, and adds to it a specific frequency - that of THE TRINE.  It symbolizes deeper and truer wholeness, as well as the very magical influence of INTEGRATION.  Whatever flowed through you before, when those gifts are ready to bloom and blossom into a whole new way of seeing life - and your self - then this listing is for you.

This magical creation is designed to help you begin truly opening your heart so widely that YOUR SOUL or ESSENCE easily and continually shows you the magic steps which are before you next.  So that you can integrate, deepen, and actually begin to physically birth THE DESTINY which the original STAR*DUST LUNA WATER carried into your cells.

Just like the first, this STAR*DUST LUNA WATER 2 is a 21-DAY duration of special, magical LUNA WATERS created just for you.  Directed by YOUR SOUL and ESSENCE, created in a state of ONENESS, and blessed by some very magical beings who come to help move you forward on your way.

When you are ready - YEARNING! - to truly MOVE FORWARD into your truest life's expression of your own deepest light . . . partake of these!  You'll never look back, I can promise you that!

As before, you can choose FRONT PORCH or ETHEREAL option, depending on whether you live close by to me and choose to receive your ELIXIR of LIGHT on my front porch each morning - or wish it to come through to you as an ETHEREAL FLOW OF LIGHT from here to wherever you are.  Just choose which option suits you best from the drop down menu above.

How magical!  The original STAR*DUST LUNA WATER creation is allowing you to expand the journey . . . in a truly magical, and very special way.  Our Star*Dust Luna Water - 2 . . . is for those of you ready to really begin to soar . . . in your highest life!

We've also just now included a very special additional option in the drop-down menu above.  After you choose your LUNA WATER TYPE and add it to your cart, you can also add on A GUIDING LIGHT.  This gives you the option of emailing me with questions, receiving guidance and higher understanding of what is taking place while you unfold the magic and mystery - not to mention THE POWER - that is our LUNA WATER creations.  Think of it as a guiding hand you can hold to lead you down the path, whisper encouragement along the way, and reveal potent and precious wisdoms about how light works and what the experiences you invoke with the luna waters are truly guiding you to see - in effect, to discover what they TRULY mean.

In other words, you don't have to take this magical and powerful journey alone.  I am here to guide you and to deepen and expand your understanding of that process as you take the steps before you - if you choose.  Added to our luna listings by special request.  Enjoy!

And, as with the original STAR*DUST LUNA WATER, you can repeat this process and listing as many times as you like.  The blessings and gifts are never-ending . . . just add to your cart any time you wish to take the journey further.  WE'll be waiting for you . . . right here . . . whenever it is time!




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