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"SPROUTS & WINGS" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"SPROUTS & WINGS" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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This Essence comes for a very peculiar, even perplexing time . . . in the journey to ONENESS.  Your  Transformations have been intense - and immense.  The Trajectory of your soul's path has become more clear.  And you've felt - so many times - as if you are finally on your way . . .  truly ready and becoming ALL OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

And then you find yourself right back in a spiral of light where you've been before.  Again.  This can be soooo frustrating, from a human sense - and yet, it is indeed perfect.  Precious.  Planned.

How?  And Why?

Because each spiral within an energy pattern allows you to hone your craft, so to speak.  What I mean is . . . you deepen your knowing within, and experience of, that new frequency.  Each "dip" into that same pool of light allows you to encounter NUANCED knowings and understandings of it - as well as to live ever more deeply the full power of your now-newly-blossoming inner truths of light.

But this essence is not about THAT.  What she comes to give, though, is amazing.  AND SUCH A BLESSING as the spirals of light unfold on the journey into oneness.

She comes to remind you - in some very powerful and clear ways - that what you are doing . . . Is birthing both sprouts and wings.  You are, through this ever-circling process, helping new sprouts - new vibrations - to come into form and to take up presence - not to mention stable resonance! - within you.  And while doing so, it can appear that you are circling or returning to  patterns previously transformed.  But what you are really doing - is not revisiting what was the past - but birthing a many-petaled new flower.  Each visit plants the seed - THE SPROUT - of a new petal on this gorgeous, naturally expanding, about to bloom . . . BLOSSOM OF LIGHT.  Which is you.

At the same time, she will take your vibrations and encourage them - deeply and profoundly - and, might I mention, powerfully unapologetically - to continue to soar.  There is no rest of the vibration - no stalling - no stepping off the merry-go-round to catch your breath.  She comes to remind you that, within this flame, if the vibration goes static - your get burned.  YOU ARE HERE TO BIRTH YOUR WINGS - and to do so, the light must be, and remain, ever expanding.

She encourages you to step into every pool of light that comes your way.  And as you do so, to tend to the sprouts it comes to birth inside you - while also - and simultaneously - allowing YOUR WINGS TO reveal how much stronger, deeper and truer they really are.  By taking you into ever higher realms of light as you go.

She is all about . . . ever expanding.  And she is also - all about - THE TRUE YOU.

She is a rare gift.  Unlike anything to have ever come to earth before, especially for humans.  She transformed a lot to bring her frequency into something that would be in harmony for any soul not yet vibrating as PURE LIGHT * TRUE ONENESS.

Accept her gift.  You'll become THE REAL YOU in the process.

And isn't that really . . . worth everything?

I believe so.  And clearly - so does she!



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