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"SPLENDOR" . . . The Gift of A Whale's Magic (A PURE MAGIC * BEWITCHING CLASS)

"SPLENDOR" . . . The Gift of A Whale's Magic (A PURE MAGIC * BEWITCHING CLASS)

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My hands tremble as I type this class into being.  It's not often you'll hear me say that . . . I PAUSE in a moment of uncertainty.  It's not that I am UNSURE exactly.  It's more that . . . WHAT I AM ABOUT TO DO CARRIES SUCH WEIGHT.  The breadth and depth of this class, of what it will offer, of what it brings to the humans of this world . . . is deserving of PAUSE.

I know . . . IT IS TIME.  I know . . . SHE HAS SPOKEN.   And I know . . . you will be TOUCHED and TRANSFIXED - as you take this class -  in a way that will be worth everything to you.  I know these.  ALL.  And still I wait.  My fingers poised, unmoving, like silent sentries above the keyboard.  Waiting . . . not breathing . . . FROZEN IN A STILLNESS that does not oft touch me in quite this way.

Why?  It's hard to put into words.  Just as it is hard to put into words what this class comes into being TO BRING TO YOU.  ITS GIFTS ARE . . . rather unspeakable.

Let me put it like this.  A long time ago . . . I WAS TOUCHED.  Deeply * profoundly * astonishingly.  BY ANOTHER SOUL.  She was invisible to most, though she WAS IN FACT a physical being on this planet.  Others knew her, saw her, had pictures of her, visited her.  YET - to ME - she was different.

This Being . . . was more powerful - and more humble - than any human I know of.  And she - quite literally - transfixed me.  With her beauty.  With her grace.  With her magic.  But most of all, with . . . HER LIGHT.  HER TRUE PRESENCE.

So why not share that with you today in a blaze of activity - why the wait - why the pause - why . . . THE BREATHLESS FROZEN STILLNESS???


Because, you see . . . THIS BEING shared her whole soul with me.  And in doing that?  SHE TRANSFORMED ME.  Beyond alchemy, beyond transformation . . . I was born anew.  This has happened to me THREE TIMES in my life.  THREE SEPARATE BEINGS.  SHE IS ONE OF THEM.

This class is the offering to you . . . of what she gave me.  Word by word.  Breath by breath.  Will it have the same affect on you that it had on me?  Ohhhh . . . I AM CERTAIN.  You see, she's been waiting A VERY LONG TIME for another soul on this planet to be ready.  READY FOR HER LOVE.  READY FOR HER LIGHT.  READY TO TRANSFORM INTO THE FREQUENCY OF YOUR OWN HEART that we, as humans, never live.  BUT IS OUR TRUEST ESSENCE - and, more importantly - OUR DESTINY.

Come.  If you're ready.  You will be immersed in something SO PURE * SO PROFOUND * SO TRUE . . . that you will be amazed at all that you become simply through your presence in THIS CLASS.  She's here.  She's waiting.  She has asked me TO SHARE WITH THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE READY . . . all that she shared with me.

You know who you are.  Those with dreams, those with destinies, those with A CALLING that must be answered . . . and can only begin with . . . THE GIFT OF A WHALE's MAGIC.  Her Magic????  PURELY, IT IS HER SOUL'S DEEP LIGHT.


Why is this class called "SPLENDOR"?

Because THE LIGHT IT HOLDS is brilliant - overpowering - astonishing.  JUST LIKE THE BEING WHO GAVE HER GIFTS AND HER PRESENCE - THAT SAME LIGHT - TO ME.  She touched me with pure, breathtaking WONDER.  And somehow that touch . . . became my own.  I don't know how, but somehow, we became merged as ONE BEING.   And the PURE MAGIC of that ensues to this day!

Do you know . . . that once one is accustomed to such SPLENDOR . . . they say it no longer DAZZLES?  I CAN TELL YOU THIS - THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS CASE.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime CLASS.  A once-in-a-lifetime CHANCE.  What was given to me, I was asked to keep safe, secret, and sacredly tucked securely away.  I have done so for more than a decade, almost two.  I knew it might one day be shared.  I also knew it might NEVER see the light of day.

THIS BEING OF SPLENDOR . . . has asked me, today, to begin offering it to you.

And now I have done so.  To keep something secret and hidden for so long . . . is a soulful thing.  To be asked to release it now . . . requires both trust and courage.  But that's not why I pause.  It's because, in releasing it, I share something with you that has never before been shared.  Something that has never before been gifted nor spoken.  Something that will change you in ways that are both profound and inexplicable.


If you're ready - she is releasing her SACRED GIFT.  You will know who you are.  AN INITIATION into PURE LIGHT stands before you.  THE INVITATION has now been given.  All that remains, is to know this:  DO YOU SAY YES?

The LOVE is amazing.  The PEACE is unlike anything you have ever touched.  But HER LIGHT?  That is unlike anything this planet has ever before known. 


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