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Spirit's * Hand

Spirit's * Hand

$ 33.00

Special Magic unfolds in unseen ways.  This is a gift of special magic.

Here, you choose the amount and we take it from there.

We'll find the PERFECT GIFT FOR YOU from our whole studio of magical creations.  Whatever your heart calls for - intended for you, or another - we will let it BECKON TO US.  Once found ( or created in the moment), we'll then send it forth to you, sweetly wrapped and lovingly blessed for its journey.

It could be anything.  You just NEVER DO KNOW what we might find - or suddenly choose to create - when you begin choosing to be surprised.  Welcome to a powerful and magical way . . . to embrace LIGHT and LOVE in some of the most ethereal, beautiful, magical ways on earth.

We just love THIS LISTING!  I think it's just as much FUN for me, as for those who receive the gift! :- )

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