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SPIRIT SPEAKS . . . MAGIC CREATED JUST FOR YOU - Custom Spirit*Book WeeBook (Digital)

SPIRIT SPEAKS . . . MAGIC CREATED JUST FOR YOU - Custom Spirit*Book WeeBook (Digital)

$ 33.00

ABOUT THIS Custom-Designed Digital WEE * BOOK :


When we open our hearts,
Beauty and wisdom truly do flow in.
This is the place where you create some of your own magic. 

Whatever you are experiencing, contemplating, or find challenging in your life - whatever occupies your wondering and your striving the most . . . we can help.  We have created this listing to allow SPIRIT and MAGIC to flow in a very deeply personal, and very special, way.  A way that uses color and light, words and imagery, design and pure creation flow at every level . . . to make something extraordinary just for you.

More than simply uplifting or inspiring, these are PURE ILLUMINATIONS.  They can be used to remind you of what is most important on your path right now . . . to open you to new ways of seeing and experiencing the events of your life . . . the possibilities are endless.  Consider them A MESSAGE FROM YOUR ESSENCE and THE HIGHER REALMS sent to make your life lighter, easier and more magical than you knew it could be.

Just let us know what you would like your ILLUMINATION CREATION to point to, address or provide encouragement about.  A topic, a word, whatever it is . . .  we will find the perfect guidance/inspiration/illumination for you, and wrap and weave it into a most beautiful and soulful package.  One that you can download when it is ready.

Think of it as this:  THE HIGHER REALMS speaking directly to you . . . in a very creative way!

All forms of this creation, from the text to the design to the artwork and the creation is custom created just for you.  The creation itself belongs to CelestiAva Magic but is made just for you.  The exact same creation will never be made again, though variations of either the words or the meaning or the artwork may certainly take another path into a new creation.  This one though - is yours, and yours alone.

Enjoy!  It's a deeply MAGICAL and SOULFUL way for spirit to touch your heart!  We feel certain . . . it will.  And you will be deeply blessed!


You are purchasing one digital wee book file in a PDF format.  Each one holds custom cover art, artistic text, and inspired writing to soothe your mind and bathe you in Illumination.  They are created for  contemplation in the depths of your sparkling, ever-expanding heart. 

But you're receiving something more . . . each of these creations is infused with a powerful, potent energy of LIGHT * SPIRIT * MAGIC.  Each one will guide you into the unfolding of the life before you in very special, and enchanting ways.  CHERISH THEM.

We call them WEE*BOOKS but they are, in fact, a beautiful devotional of spirit - reminding you that the path before you is A SACRED ONE.  We will let you know when YOUR CUSTOM WEE BOOK is ready to meet you!  These can take some time - being CUSTOM and all :- ).  But sometimes they come together and fly out the door amazingly fast.  It will be perfect either way! ENJOY!


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