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Soulful Communion.

It is a concept humans rarely consider.

IT is an act they even more rarely take.

This is not just a time of spiritual connection . . .


Within us AWAKES.


The TRUE way to connect with or speak to another being - of any kind - is through Soulful Communion.  This is not heart to heart or spirit to spirit or even soul to soul connection.  Those are wonderful and have their place.  But the truest TRUTHS and the deepest DEPTHS of connection and knowing and light . . . will always come from within PURE ONENESS.

And that is a space that holds no fear.  If someone does a connection and invokes protection or grounding?  They're not entering from a space of oneness.  Nor will what they receive come from that highest and deepest space as well.

So when you TRULY want to understand another being - or yourself - or the interactions in your life in terms of THEIR HIGHEST GIFTS and MOST SOULFUL PURPOSES, their presence will ask of you to proceed delving into that search . . . with SOULFUL COMMUNION.

And if you feel an urgency or a compelling need to do so - but have forgotten how or do not trust your own magic in doing so - then this listing is for you.  We can uncover what THE SOULFUL PRESENCE of the interaction and relationship between you and another holds.  The Gift it brings.  The Purpose it fulfills.  The Reason for its presence, as well as any distress or dissonance it holds.  Whatever it is between you and another, SOULFUL COMMUNION is how you find what you seek . . . so you can honor the relationship, the interaction, the event - whatever it is - from THE HIGHEST SPACE and KNOWING OF LIGHT.

These are powerful things, our interactions and relationships.  Understanding them deeply - not just at the soul level - but from ONENESS . . . changes everything.  When you are willing to allow THEIR WHOLENESS and LIGHT to be revealed.  If you are ready for that kind of magic - deep, soulful, and true! - then this listing is created now just for you!


Include any notes you like - about what you seek, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with our magical details so we can create and inspire A SOULFUL COMMUNION for you!


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