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Soul Sight / Soul Speake - Spirit's Therapy

Soul Sight / Soul Speake - Spirit's Therapy

$ 177.00

This is for those of you, in those times, when you may feel you are struggling to move forward in the flow of your life.  But let me tell you WHO REALLY loves this listing!  It came about in a very surprising way.

I was on the phone one day with someone I was buying paints from.  I had received my order and it contained more than what I had ordered - it had someone else's packing list and items included with my own.  I called to offer to ship them to the customer directly, and one thing led to another.  The conversation took a most unusual turn.  I'd never spoken with this woman before, but we ended up on the phone for over two hours.

Half way through, she said to me - I have a therapist, but this past hour on the phone with you has been MORE ILLUMINATING, MORE INSIGHTFUL, MORE ENCOURAGING, and MORE TRANSFORMATIVE than anything I have ever experienced before.  And I go to a therapist - a great one, or so I thought! - regularly.

Do you offer this?  Could you do this regularly - for me? 

(Well, no, I'm too sick - no, I don't have a website for buying things - no, I don't have a way you can sign up for a regular session or anything of the kind - no . . . no . .  no.)

Well, here we are - a year later - and I DO have a shoppe of magical creations, and . . . some very special connection options as well.  :- )  INCLUDING THIS NEWEST ONE!

This is for those of you who may feel you are struggling to see the path, find the way, feel the purpose in the life you find yourself living.  This stranger of a woman I spent time with on the phone that day called it "DIVINE THERAPY".  I'm not much into therapy, but I know it blessed her - it fed her heart and mind exactly what her highest soul and the light of spirit within and around her had to say.  ABOUT ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

This wasn't "my take" on what she should do or not do, what would help or not help, what was to be her next best move from this point.  I didn't know her.  What I did - was what I always do . . . speak from a space of oneness with the highest light from within her own spark of light.  And that is - EVER - exactly what we all need or most want to hear, to discern, to touch.

And we all can.  This listing is for those of you who feel . . . you don't or can't or are not hearing or knowing what your essence most wishes you to hear.

45 minutes.  $77.00.   Bring your question, your problem, your issue, your frustration.  Then, move forward with your soul's sight and your soul's messages having been put on full display . . . for you to receive, process, and integrate or adopt as your own -  as you choose.

Need more?  A deeper version, as my vendor received that day, is also available in the drop down menu.  90 minutes, an hour and a half - $180.  This includes some time and space for your spirit to bring up anything outside of your view that it is time for you to hear or to know.

Have a therapy session with your soul :- ).  There is no deeper or more profound wisdom . . . than that which flows inside you.  Accessing and relating that from a space of ONENESS . . . is the purest communication there is.  And it's the only space I speak from.  :- )  You'll see. . ..


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