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SOUL*SCAPE - The Music Of Life 1.6

SOUL*SCAPE - The Music Of Life 1.6

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There is a nectar which nature knows well.  It is the music of the heart.

Whether it takes the form of instrument with strings, or a soul that is joyful and rises on radiant wings . . .  THE MUSIC OF LIFE comes from within us.  Just think of the SYMPHONY a smile, a flutter of joy, and a sprinkle of the scent of a garden can create.

Yes, we hold great power to make life beautiful and enchanting.

And it is LOVE - our own truly INFINITE POWER - which creates the depth and beauty and magic . . . life can hold.  It's there.  Ready and waiting inside each of us.  Why do we look for it outside of us?  We're missing THE WONDERFUL CONCERT WITHIN !



You are purchasing one digital JPG or PNG original resolution image file.  Each is custom-created and may be used for anything your heart desires that respects and honors the original creation and artist, including brochures, invitations, web pages, etc.  Simply leave the image intact and remember who created it.;- ), honoring and respecting both as you would like your soul's work to be treated as well.  And if you wish to use for a commercial or publishing project, please contact me.



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